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  2. The pump in your video definitely seems like it's louder than mine and not normal. Mine although it makes noise is almost unnoticeable, yours seems like it has the same pump noise/wine as mine but with a screech to it? Idk if that's a good way to describe it but definitely seems like there's a problem with it but I am by no means a PC expert since I've only been on PC for a year. I saw someone commented that there could be air bubbles in the pump and to remove the radiator and raise it high to try and force the bubbles into the radiator instead of the pump, so I would try that if you haven't already. Other than that I would listen to the people on your post because they'll be able to give better input

  3. I am in contact with Corsair and they actually said it seems normal as long as it’s not loud with the side panel closed. It’s not. I have to really really pay attention to even hear it at idle with the side panel closed. The video is while gaming and I’ve noticed the pump changing speeds is when it makes the higher pitched noise. I’m going to keep an eye on performance and cooling as those are fine at the moment. If either of those gets worse I’ll replace it. I did tilt it and all that, it’s not air bubbles. The general conclusion I’ve found from searching the internet high and low is that these pumps are just loud.

  4. Gotcha, my video is when the side panel was off and I even checked earlier with the side panel on and couldn't hear anything. As long as it works you should be fine and if something happens warranty it because I came to the same conclusion that you did when I got mine

  5. I'd be down if you still need someone to play with, bought it on steam yesterday😂

  6. Did my whole apprenticeship here and have been a journeyman since August of 21 The work pitcher is very up-and-down. We don’t really have contractors touching the residential sector and I believe strongly with that as a negative impact on our local that being said, we mainly due industrial and commercial work. There’s a very solid chance you’ll see layoffs in your career since topping out I’ve only seen a two month layoff, but as an apprentice, I did see quite a few. Like stated above the mass unemployment rate is so strong who can’t afford to sit on the couch at 900 bucks a week. our wages an benefits are great believe we are about 76 bucks an hour. With 45 the paycheck. But to be truthful just call the hall and talk to Tommy Malone that’s our business manager and have a real conversation with him but your expectations are what you wanna know and if you have any other questions just feel free to DM me I’ll take care of you signed a damn proud member of 96

  7. Yeah I definitely plan on going down to the hall hopefully Monday but if not very soon. I wouldn't mind doing commercial since I've done 2 years of it at another company but for the most part my current company does just high end client homes. I've never done industrial so I don't really know what that involves but I wouldn't mind giving it a shot. And I'll definitely take you up on that offer if I have anymore questions. So far everyone says it's great being in IBEW so I don't think I can go wrong applying

  8. Well if you get into local 96, you would be looking at 45.59 and hour. That isn't including the Defined benefit pension, defined benefit contribution, 401k, or NEBF pension. Health insurance is all paid for also. I don't know much about local 96 jurisdiction work outlook, but I have been in the ibew almost 25 years and have only been laid off 3 times.

  9. Yeah I've seen the packages and benefits and it looks great compared to what I'm at. The thing that always kept me from the union is the fear of being layed off because I thought it was a way bigger problem than it actually is. With my current company we're so busy that I don't have to worry of being out of work but at the same time we don't have enough guys to keep the pressure down. I'll be going down to the union hall Monday

  10. Ive heard varying things about 96. My advice from central ma: Mclabor ($50 an hour for solar)

  11. I have thought about mclabor or even solar companies like trinity solar and the like but the thing is I haven't done any solar. I'd be going into something like that completely inexperienced and I feel like that's not what they would want from a journeyman unless they don't mind showing me the ropes. I also don't know anything about pay and benefits and such with mclabor whereas the IBEW has the salaries and packages online. I don't know how I'd fit in with mclabor, I know they also do other types of electrical work since my company has been hiring temps to help out.

  12. That's good to hear I'm looking for the same kind of thing if I switch so I'm glad that's how it went for you. And I don't know why but I didn't even think about thay sub😅, I'll post there thanks man

  13. I can't tell, is one silver and one brass? Or are they both brass

  14. It's the flash from the camera, it's a normal single pole switch. Both brass no silver

  15. Yea you never want to use cables that werent made for/didnt come with that specific power supply unless you KNOW they are compatible.

  16. Ok gotcha I'll just spend the time and use the new cables ty

  17. Probably need to turn on hidden files to see it.

  18. Yeah I have hidden files always on but turns out I I was looking in the wrong spot

  19. Or you could just go into the settings and turn it off?

  20. Yeah I tried that but every time I would turn it off it would turn back on by itself when I left the settings

  21. The temp of 70c is fine. Did you do a clean install of drivers? Remove all old Nvidia drivers and make sure you do a clean install with the latest and drivers.

  22. I did not do that, if I search DDU in google will it pop up?

  23. ALWAYS remove graphics card driver when you building in a new one into your PC. That's a golden rule.

  24. These are a legit thing, I'm going to be installing 7 in a bathroom for a job

  25. I'll recommend some of my favorites that I don't see being brought up as much

  26. Get a 1" paddle bit and drill a bunch of holes in the middle and vacuum up the wood, with whatever is left use something flat to pry off the rest of the wood from the concrete

  27. You get hired at any regional right now as long as you have a pulse. Huge demand right now, lots of movement.

  28. Well the FAQ covers it all. But one thing I like to point out to anyone looking to making a career in this industry how cyclical this industry is. Generally when the economy is doing well, the job outlook is good. But as soon as the music stops, things can get tense and uncomfortable very quickly. For some this could be a deal breaker, and for others this is the reality we accept and plan for.

  29. Yeah I didn't really think about that, I've just always wanted to learn and thought that if like it I could make it into a career but I never thought about the bad sides to flying

  30. I dont have to ruin your birthday, you already did that when you were born 18 years ago.

  31. Oh wait is this the larger o11? I thought it was the mini air

  32. I don't remember what episode but when he fights neji and digs a hole under a shadow clone to uppercut and beat neji, there's definitely more examples but that's just the first off the top of my head

  33. Get a fan rated box and run a 14/3 instead of a 14/2 that way you can have a constant hot(black) since the remote will probably need it and have a switched hot(red) for the switch if the fan has a light.

  34. I did and I graduated in 2015 it was a pretty good experience for highschool. It was pretty laid back and I didn't have to take extra classes like gym and health because shop took up the space that I would have other regular classes. I went out on co-op my senior year but I wouldn't consider what I went through in school as actual working experience, it was more like the basics. Trade school and an actual jobsite experience are completely different and I started learning a lot more when I was out on coop. My highschool shop experience counted 2 years toward my license

  35. Push it closed and lift it up, there's a slot on the bottom with a little hinge that keeps it up and closed

  36. Go to hardware lighting for the ram in icue make a static layer and make the slider black.

  37. My daughter and how my parents would feel

  38. Give it a couple more kinks and it'll be 10/10

  39. I have them and prefer them over normal linemans, I recently got the knipex forged wire strippers to try out and see if it's worth replacing but if I don't like the knipex I'll be going back to the Kleins.

  40. It's ok the teacher probably just put it in timeout

  41. Congrats man! I was also at $20 until the beginning of the month. I passed my exam and the jump to $30 is insane

  42. Yoooo grats. 30 an hour is real money. I can't wait to take my journeyman and then start working on my master!

  43. Yeah man it's nice and it sounds like you'll be there in no time at this rate! I'm not sure if I wanna go for the masters since I don't think I wanna run a business anytime soon. Right now I'm hoping that house prices start to go down so I can buy one now that i can afford it on my own

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