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  1. There's a club on Cavil Avenue called 'Elsewhere' that plays (mostly) underground dance music, european techno etc, that has a great balcony area, where the music isn't too loud, and I found the people there warm and friendly, easy to talk to

  2. Ohhh boy I've had some epic bender convos on that balcony

  3. Amouage jubilation Amouage reflection Ysl tuxedo Xerjoff naxos Nasomatto pardon Chanel sycomore

  4. Yeah I am. If you’re looking for it, it’s sitting on the bar at Auld Alliance, along with a 1965 dumpy Cadenhead Ardbeg.

  5. Last time I was speaking with Emmanuel he was talking about a calvados flight he has there that spans over a 100 yrs of different distillates.

  6. There's one in Brisbane called "the index".

  7. Honestly won't matter if you have an NBN connection at the dwelling, all ISP rent bandwidth from NBN co.

  8. Is the Laphroaig "unblended" and at 43%?

  9. Archie Rose, Starwood, Timboon, Iniquity gold, blackgate and sullivans

  10. Decided to send it to auction I see

  11. He'd get touched up more inside if they found out

  12. Balblair 90, by a country mile. When they stopped producing it, I bought 4, there are three left and omg I want to drink them!

  13. Try track down some of their 10yo juice from the 80s

  14. 1967 Samaroli Laphroaig.....just insane

  15. Just get some tattoos, get on the juice and buy a jetski. You'll fit right in bro

  16. Glendronach 18 needs to be on your shelves

  17. Jb sell telstra go see them instead of the telstra stores, they normally have gift card deals when you sign up to.

  18. Oh that's cool. The only thing that Concerns me is if I need customer service or tech support, I've not heard good things about Telstra 😬

  19. I use them for my business, have my own account manager that handles everything for me. No issues

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