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  1. You saying you’d bully someone for it is actually “top cringe”.

  2. Just a standard oyster led mate, send picture to property manager to organise an electrician to replace it.

  3. Any chance that when they replace the LED they can replace it with a light bulb fixture so I can just replace the light bulb in the future?

  4. Yeah mate no issues with that however It’s not up to the sparky. Ask your property manager to seek approval to put in a batten holder so you can change it.

  5. Mate I’m a sparky working in chinchilla qld and work at a solar farm, over a million panels that get hooked up and connected to the electricity grid. There are heaps of electrical ‘ta’s’, trade assistants, mostly foreigners on visas that dead set clear over two thousand dollars a week in wages a week. Longish hours but a very very easy job. Beats picking fruit by a long way. Accomodation provided at a donger camp in chinchilla, good food and warm bed. Honestly for unskilled labour it is amazing how sweet a deal it is, tell them to look into it hey

  6. What about a newly qualified a grade? Any jobs? Thinking of doing a working holiday around AUS with my young fam.

  7. A lot of fair and accurate assumptions

  8. More than you’ve moved in your entire existence you fatass

  9. Paddock Bakery is easily the best café on the Gold Coast!

  10. Your desperate attempts to spin this are just sad and pathetic now

  11. Morally I think they own all the land, and never gave it up. Every land use in Australia should have to be negotiated with traditional owners, and a treaty should be in place with federal and state governments. It was all stolen, every inch.

  12. Okay but how come they own the land?

  13. It's been in their families for 60000 years. They have 3000 generations worth of ancestors returned to Country, literally a part of it. They have their own legal traditions to determine who has what rights and interests to where that pre-date any British law. Those systems involve permanent links between family lines and places.

  14. That’s all well and good, but we don’t live in a society that observes those legal traditions.

  15. They dont have to prove anything. Get out of here with your federal crime nonsense.

  16. Yeah that's right they were likely prioritising some truck driver that was 5 minutes over on his log book.

  17. If that is the only situation where you’ve interacted with the police, you are lucky and must live a sheltered life. Congrats.

  18. Spoken like a true copper, get off Reddit and go find this blokes scooter.

  19. I’m no cop, but it doesn’t take much to apply a little critical thought to the matter.

  20. I went to an event in London in November and I was the only person masked and many people there for covid, but I didn't. I refused to take off my mask even to take a sip of wine.

  21. Better call it there before they reclass you big fella

  22. It's just a day everyone celebrates so I'm forced to Edit: guys chill I'm 15 I don't even know why we celebrate so I just do because everyone else does Jesus U guys are snowflakes

  23. Found the life of the party

  24. And some people will experience malnutrition, meat has been a part of our diet for close to a million years and archaeologists have noted a very obvious change in our cranial shapes from when we began eating meat. It's an integral part of your history, humans have evolved to eat meat.

  25. When was the last time you dragged your fat ass outside and hunted something for food?

  26. I start putting on my mask when I go to gym now, it seems stupid now with case number this high and people think they won't catch it because 'mask is not required when you exercise'.

  27. Someone get this bloke a medal

  28. Yeah serg, your story doesn’t contribute to the narrative. Get out of here. We only want to hear about this bloke and all the fats sharing their own “personal hells” in here.

  29. I wouldn't bother mate, people on this sub will play see no evil and shout "lalalalala" as hard as they can on any news on COVID complications and effects. Basically none of them even read it. The sub has become somehow even less representative of the public than

  30. Yeah you are right, cower and hide. Nobody knows how serious it can be!!!!

  31. Blame all the recluses who are on here parroting about how well they can avoid covid

  32. Hey mate I think it’s time you chill out about it nobody gives a fuck anymore

  33. I know the people who don't give a fuck... I meet them at work, I explain to them why they can't breathe when I show them the CT scans demonstrating COVID pneumonitis. I also tell them 'sorry' when they ask if it's too late to get the vaccine now.

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