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  1. These are the best kind of post. Congrats on all your success.

  2. Yeah what kind of man is this douchebag? He won’t even fight me for his girlfriend.

  3. From what I’ve read there’s diminishing returns after 5 days. It’s difficult to figure out the optimal time because a lot of the information out there is geared towards what people will realistically do.

  4. Women want to earn $100k so they don’t have to end up married to men who’ll leave them and their kids for a 19yo cashier. And that is exactly why these men get so angry about women earning more than them.

  5. Dude if there was nothing to hide you’d have mentioned this before. She wouldn’t have found out through a text. If you weren’t acting in a shady manner she wouldn’t have been looking at your texts.

  6. I’ve done a few 5 day fasts. I don’t know about visible results. I don’t have a lot of excess fat. I have noticed some change in the stubborn areas.

  7. I tried the Citrus LMNT and it tastes nice. I drink it when I’m sick or feeling dehydrated. But I have no opinion on how it works for fasting. I’d like to get a CGM to experiment more accurately.

  8. I have Flyby Lemon/Lime when I’m sick or on hot days I’ve been working out. As far as these things go that one doesn’t taste terrible.

  9. Haha maybe you should try LMNT then. They’re really not bad. I tried the chocolate as well but chocolate salty water is just strange lol. Oh no. The advertising got me.

  10. Lol. I’ll check it out thanks. The Flyby is almost done

  11. I’m vegan. My diet is mostly whole foods that I prepare myself. I focus on fiber first, then protein.

  12. For me it helps to not drink water at all during the day, only in the evening before sleeping. Not a huge amount either, just a glass. Then I drink mostly on my eating days and I eat raw organ meats on my eating days, which is very hydrating and it hydrates the body differently than plain water.

  13. This is terrible advice. There are studies out there showing the kidney issues from Ramadan fasting where people don’t eat or drink during the day.

  14. Everyone struggles. The difference between those that are “good” and those that aren’t is that the people who succeed are just better at sitting with the discomfort. This comes with practice. There is no difference between those who fast and you. You have what it takes.

  15. Younger people have more fat in their faces so people associate this with youthfulness. That said “more fat” isn’t overweight, obese or even “chubby”. People lose fat in their faces as they age. This is less noticeable in overweight people so the aging process appears to happen overnight when they choose to lose weight. The skin in the face is delicate. Gaining excess weight stretches the skin so someone who has lost weight may have saggier skin than someone who has always looked after their health.

  16. Didn’t he get caught jacking off in a Starbucks?

  17. Clean them out. You’ll be less likely to gain if you have to go out and by all new larger sizes.

  18. I cannot look at him without thinking about it.

  19. For the first 48 hours it’s largely a mental challenge. Keep the tea and lemon for now and just focus on sitting with the uncomfortable feelings. Fasting never gets easier, you simply get used to the feelings and learn that they pass.

  20. Thank you for replying. I'm at 44 hours with no hunger or craving or electrolyte symptoms. If I still feel good at 48, is it OK to extend. The only issue I had was I was awake until 5 AM. I'm retired, so I slept in. Otherwise it has been great.

  21. Go by how you feel. If you feel like you can go longer then go longer. Many people find it easier to have a set goal rather than be opened ended but it’s entirely up to you.

  22. This is an ad for an electrolyte product. It has some good info I for beginners but it’s another one of those “ads dressed up as science” pieces that are so popular now.

  23. So you texted a vulnerable 20yo who is trying to get her life together and “joked” about dating and sex?

  24. I’ve switched my workout to 11am. It works best with my work schedule right now. I eat at around noon depending on how long my workout is. I used to work out at 7am. 11 works best for me. I do 10 minutes of some kind of body weight stuff when I wake up and then my gym workout is weights/body weight/TRX depending on the day. I walk 5 miles a day. I don’t do gym cardio. I used to do a 5 mile run on Sundays but fell out of the habit when it got cold.

  25. I struggled with insomnia for years. Now I have a whole routine around sleep that I’ve spent years tweaking. I’ve found I don’t sleep as well on longer fasts but that having my last meal at least two hours before I go to bed helps. Extra fat in my evening meal seems to help me sleep through the night.

  26. Men who struggle to date are invested in pushing this narrative. The only way they can get a partner is if they make they scared and desperate for their attention.

  27. This is incredible. You look like a different person. And so much more confident.

  28. They do call Philly the sixth borough.

  29. You're not the first person that mentioned this. But it's hard for me to imagine. He was so traumatized by his ex cheating. He couldn't turn around and do the same thing to me that she did to him?

  30. Yeah it’s likely his ex didn’t cheat at all. It’s very common for cheaters to claim they were once cheated on and then go on about how traumatizing it was. It reflects attention from their suspicious behavior.

  31. When someone cheats on their spouse they cheat on their children as well. Your mother has the right to decide who she wants in her life. You not taking sides is actually taking sides. I’m sure she made many sacrifices over the years and cheating is a massive betrayal. You’re entitled to have a relationship with the man who blew up your family but equally, your mother is entitled to remove him from her life. It’s sad that you had to choose and it’s even safer that your chose your father and the woman he chose over you and your mother.

  32. My heart always goes out to single parents of young kids. It’s such a struggle.

  33. I don't think most people realize just how heinous and routine the shit authority figures in America do actually is.

  34. I’m convinced that this is because most people in the US get their life experience from watching TV. They think life is an episode of Law & Order and whatever hospital show is popular now.

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