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  1. I wish there were a bit more infected. I like that they limited their presence, but I think they limited them a little too much.

  2. Agreed. As much as I liked this series, we got probably 20 minutes of infected altogether. Kind of a bummer

  3. Definitely when they’re in the subway I’m Salt Lake City and get hit with the flash flood, leading to them meeting the Fireflies. That scene of Joel performing CPR to Ellie while the fireflies aim their guns at him and he doesn’t even notice them always stuck with me

  4. I feel you. I remember that Friday in high school where I skipped all day to play TLOU, and that night when I finished I went out with my friends, and even at a party full of mutuals I was just silent

  5. Red Dead style western parody would be interesting

  6. That would be stupid because Jesse was obviously based off Glenn. Jesse is also like 22-23, and Steven Yeun is like 40.

  7. A “child“ who can legally drive anywhere they want and drink in other countries. Get a grip of yourself.

  8. Why are you acting like he’s giving his brother alcohol or bringing him somewhere unsafe? It’s a video game that most kids in middle school have played. I know I did. I think he’ll live, Chill out Karen.

  9. Why haven't you played it in the FIFTEEN YEARS since it released?

  10. You do understand the concept of time, right? Not everyone is you. Some people are younger than you, some people forget plot points from 15-year-old video games, and some people were too busy doing things to play when they came out, dickhead.

  11. The idea of Joel writing the lyrics of Future Days is cool. It would fit so well. In the HBO series, I'd say their bond is stronger than in the game

  12. I don't think we're gonna get 8 seasons of this dragged out til it's bad. We're almost done with the first game's storyline already.

  13. I think they’re more or less implying that Game of Thrones eventually went past the source material, and the HBO writers just started making shit up. I think we’re worried that if they go past Pt II, they’re gonna just make shit up and ruin it.

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