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  1. Everyone thinks the body is in the bagel, but it’s obviously been fermented into the kombucha.

  2. I'm in a similar situation. In my company we use Windows 10 with a bunch of stuff locked out behind the admin password to keep users from breaking stuff, installing software from from anywhere but the company-approved repository etc. The BIOS is completely password-protected too, so you can't even boot from a USB.

  3. That sounds very difficult to deal with, depending on the type of work you have to do on these computers, the industry, the security standards, and etc.

  4. Both companies I mentioned are very big corporations with offices around the world and who knows how many employees, working for some prominent clients and having access to their confidential files. So yes, globally limiting users' privileges and having them use internal repositories makes sense - when you're the boss, you don't want people leaking internal documents or installing malware. It's just that I very fondly remember the days of 8-bit computers and all the computing freedom that came with it by default (the unlimited access to memory was a thing of beauty), so I'm pretty allergic to situations when I'm being restricted like that - the way I see it, the computer has to listen to me, not the other way around. So when something like that happens, I tend to look for a workaround, even if I don't really need it, just as my own private little "fuсk уоu". (Of course, I have no intention of doing anything considered harmful, just to be clear.)

  5. I saw a story last week about a very young baby who had to have intestinal surgery after her mom/doctor decided to try hypoallergenic formula instead of the amino acid based formula she truly needed, which even the doctor couldn’t get any of.

  6. Maybe I read this wrong or it’s a typo, but: There are 12yr olds that still need baby formula? Or was that supposed to be “1-2 year old”?

  7. There are toddlers, older children and adults who depend on formula as a portion or even main source of their nutrition. There are solutions made especially for older children adults, but some with really severe food allergies or illness often get stuck using whatever worked as an infant and react to everything else.

  8. They can even be "one nation under God".

  9. Well ironically, before they changed it, it was simply “On nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

  10. And I totally got it. And I agree, even growing up with it, I feel like it’s so weird. Now that I don’t believe in any gods, the craziness of requiring (or even expecting) kids to recite this en masse every single day baffles me.

  11. Our initiatives have aligned, if you know what I mean.

  12. they actually do this to scare bugs so they can eat them

  13. About to turn that California Stop into a California T-Bone.

  14. Geez, that intersection is cursed. (And people are idiots)

  15. Love this sub. One of the top posts there is similar to this one:

  16. Because, misery likes company? lol. If they have to deal with the bullshit and cost of having kids, then by golly, so should you!

  17. I love my grandparents and I miss them. But good lord I don't miss going to restaurants with them.

  18. I swear that photo you are talking about was taken on the drive into Napa, CA. Back 20+ years ago, I used to do it every day.

  19. Yes, that one actually was taken around Sonoma (also wine country).

  20. Came here to say this. Google carpenter bee hole.

  21. Agreed, and this is why when I see a C8, I also get Ferrari vibes.

  22. It was a big enough pain when I got this car last October. I’m dreading my having to shop around again but I’m taking it one step at a time.

  23. Hopefully insurance will be able to give a market-matching payout (assuming it's totaled or you need a replacement). 😕

  24. Interesting car. Just a 1.8L engine but with 288hp and only 2.5k lbs. Has a rear/mid engine placement and a dual clutch transmission. Looks like it'd be a super fun car to drive.

  25. I think it's probably surprisingly common. I actually know a guy who has an uncle that is in the country illegally, so his mom signed up for an account and his uncle is the one actually driving. Also seems like a way someone with a prison record could make some money if they're getting turned down for decent jobs, as long as they know someone with a clean record willing to sign up.

  26. This is what I thought. I was feeling a bit conflicted, reporting it since I do have photos/video of who delivered my order, especially since my only reason for doing so is because it was "Amanda" and it just looked like a dude. Especially if the service was fine, at least for me.

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