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  1. Grapes are not the healthiest things for cats to have in their mouths. And don't use them with dogs, ever.

  2. He didn’t eat it, just picked it up, but thanks for the info. I put it outside.

  3. Mine get some tinned food for breakfast and supper, and they have dry food and water out all the time.

  4. He needs to go outside so he can eat some bugs

  5. 9/11 because I never thought something like that could happen.

  6. I have a subscription to ChatGPT 4 and I’m 62, although I’ve always been an early adopter

  7. All the different patterns are so beautiful

  8. That’s milo, it’s cheap filler. Find a variety that doesn’t have it and you’ve found a better quality for sure. I’d prefer sawdust to that garbage, at least the sawdust would just blow away.

  9. The doves will eat the milo. They eat anything

  10. When I die, it will be an air burial or I could go to the Body Farm

  11. Find a nice house in Oak Ridge. They are much much cheaper than Knoxville. The commute from downtown Knoxville to Oak Ridge would be horrendous. Oak Ridge is a nice place to live and on the weekends the commute to downtown isn't bad at all.

  12. I also recommend living in Oak Ridge. My husband works at the lab so we live nearby. Oak Ridge is covered with untouched forests and plenty of greenways for walking, biking, and hiking. It’s an international city because of ORNL, and it has top notch schools. There are plenty of restaurants, at least a dozen Mexican restaurants, and grocery stores.

  13. This is a beautiful moody piece. I like the loose and tight contrast

  14. This is really nice work, great design!

  15. I find this relaxing to look at

  16. Oh, no! You’re pencil is almost gone :)

  17. There might not be enough things for him to eat in your house? I would move him outside.

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