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  1. Sounds good. I've seen several folks pair an MPC with a SP404. What's the benefit of it? Seems redundant with the MPC's sampling capabilities.

  2. It’s fun for extra effects & stuff . This beat I didn’t use the sp at all. Some beats I’ll make on the sp & record them into the mpc . Sometimes I’ll also record my mpc beats into the sp to add some effects.

  3. Sometimes less is more. The sample spoke for itself, beautiful chops tho

  4. Love it, gives a vibe of an old old song from my parents childhood

  5. So dope. I remember buying the CD versions as a kid when they first came out. Would love to own these on Vinyl 🔥

  6. Love Rza’s production in this era. Very rugged. Definitely one of my favourites from the solo Wu albums. This album reminds me of cold winters when I was a kid.

  7. Most would choose the live 2. I have a Mpc one & I have no complaints. If you want that extra bit of portability & a built in speaker I’d go for the live but if that isn’t what you care about I’d go for the One. Mpc one is abit cheaper & in my opinion I like the layout more on the one. Some might argue that the pads are smaller but in all honesty coming from a renaissance with regular sized pads I had no issue with the pads on the one.

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