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  1. Katy Perry was only 24 here which is wild to me. Idk why i always think of her as someone in her 30s to me LOL.

  2. Bill Russell used to golf at Jefferson! We used to see him there on Saturdays before our league started and he was very friendly. RIP

  3. Chris Ballew lives on Vashon- he regularly posts about living there. Used to be in WS and even posted his MLS listing when he put his house on the market.

  4. His cousin was one of our teachers in high school. One time he got him on our cheeseball morning video announcements at school lol

  5. Is this the same dude that was mocking the native americans protesting by obnoxiously standing in front of them smiling as they sang indigenous chants

  6. Remember when wendys used to troll other fast food companies and random people online for mystery meats and frozen patties? Yeah….

  7. For me it’s any kind of accents. I blame me watching British TV or British actors as an American. To quote Marlin from Finding Nemo, “It’s like theyre trying to speak to me, I just know it!!”

  8. It’s why I don’t like her idk what happened between her and her ex but you were committed to bringing that child in the world it’s cold to just abandon him. He’s not biologically related to her only the husband.

  9. That happened to Angelina Jolie too when she was married to Billy Bob Thornton. She was supposed to adopt Max with him but then he dipped, so she adopted him alone.

  10. Was it the Surviving Death docuseries on Netflix? That one was really fascinating.

  11. Yes I think it was!! The one about afterlives and near death experiences was so interesting, but then it went off into weird shit like the lady that said she was a medium and talked in a tommy boy voice

  12. This was wild! I wonder if Juliette Lewis cringes when she sees her hair in these pics. I sure did.

  13. Married 34 years now! By the 1992 oscars they had been married for 4 already. So amazing

  14. When i was an intern at a rotation, a store manager told me about this one time he was working at a different store, a guy came in to rob the pharmacy and it ended up being a hostage situation. The guy eventually set the pharmacy staff free but then shot and killed himself right there in the pharmacy.

  15. They have a free water ride though when you’re baptized!

  16. I’ve always liked how she doesn’t have flashy handbags with big designer logos like most celebrities

  17. The handbags are everything. I wish there was a list of what bags she has/uses even though Im sure theyre way out of my price range 🥲


  19. It looks like the basement of RDJ’s mansion in the 2008 iron man movie lol

  20. This is so cute! She looks so tasteful, elegant, and you can just tell by her smile how much she + whoever helped dress her was respectful of the culture it came from.

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