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  1. Yup. Calling into work forever after this.

  2. Trent Reznor is also a Tony away from this as well. Unfortunately, idk if that's going to happen anytime soon, but crazier things have happened

  3. Reznor has the ability to write music for a play though.

  4. People are going to max out credit cards for this and will still use it the same way they would a normal iPhone.

  5. I love how everyone upgrades two years for the better camera and only takes pictures from 5 feet away or selfies.

  6. I’m simple. Favorite has and always will be Charizard.

  7. I think we’ve just been spoiled with the last few draft classes.

  8. This time last year you could have argued there were 5 prospects at or above Breece's level, now this draft is being questioned! The level of fantasy talent in 23 is pretty crazy and we haven't even had the combine yet! Where there's talent, there will be studs.

  9. Yeah I was listening to Move the Sticks recently and Bucky and Daniel both said there’s few A1 prospects but A LOT of talent at the starter level of prospects in this draft. So a lot to look forward to but definitely need to keep expectations grounded.

  10. In the US, if the client told the lawyer they did it but then they want to testify falsely about that, the lawyer would try to talk them out of it, but if they persisted the lawyer would be required to request to withdraw from the case.

  11. This can also be used by the client to temporarily delay the inevitable but a judge will see through it and allow the trial to proceed after about the second motion for a mistrial and change of representation.

  12. It dident smell like icecream, maybe the taste is diffrent?

  13. I can only imagine the smell. Did you have to recoil after you took the pic?

  14. One thing that IS interesting is that Dondozo fell off a lot more than I would have expected.

  15. Yeah I thought it would have been top 12 again but a bit lower this time around given the Paradoxes.

  16. I wouldn’t mind seeing Episode X feature Rey but I wouldn’t be upset if she got a Disney+ show and they did a time skip for the core movies.

  17. This writer clearly hasn’t seen The Princess Bride!

  18. Hester and that defense almost won sexy Rexy a Super Bowl ring that night.

  19. What a faux pas. The Super Bowl is after Labor Day.

  20. The first three are basically a flow chart lol.

  21. Yup. Based on Twitter and Facebook, both of which tend to skew to left and right, respectively, a lot of people are worried about the government defaulting on our debt…

  22. I’m so out of the loop. What is going on here?

  23. I’ll never not use Otterbox because they replaced my 4 year old case for free a year or two ago after they discontinued the “Lifetime” warranty was discontinued to a two year warranty.

  24. I don’t mind the yellow borders. 🙈🙊🙉

  25. Anyone who gets a variable interest rate is an absolute moron.

  26. Anyone who got a variable when rates were near 0 is an idiot. In stable times, it’s arguable that you can in case rates go down.

  27. Yeah, there were lot of unfortunate victims before we understood radiation properly. Like the radium girls. Or the people who thought radiation had health benefits. "The Radium Water Worked Fine until His Jaw Came Off" is still one of my favourite quotes.

  28. The radium girls was so sad. The watch face painters were sought after, decent paying jobs and it caused so much death and turmoil for those women and their families.

  29. Awesome to end K's career with a loss along with giving him a loss in his last game at Cameron.

  30. Buddy of mine picks up tacos for us, and the lengua tacos were more tender than the steak ones

  31. My dad makes tacos de lengua all the time and it’s so damn delicious. The key is to braise it until the chewy parts are gone and all you’re left with is the tender meat that’s absorbed the flavors of the stew it’s been in.

  32. I trust that the rest of the guys outside of the Top 100 in Tampas system will give us headaches for 3 years until they trade them and replenish their system of overlooked players that will be positive WAR players.

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