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  1. keep your left arm straight through elbow and wrist from takeaway to the top (wrist can bow or be straight but not cup like yours appears to be at the top of your backswing). slow everything down. feet are too wide. your left hip needs to fire back to neutral before you start your downswing. it's forcing your club wide because your arms have nowhere to go. your timing is set for baseball...not golf.

  2. Watch your club head path. First swing it's pretty similar. Second swing you shift to a new plane so your body subconsciously corrects so your swing in order to try and even make contact...which you barely do and you toe shank it straight right.

  3. I'd get some lessons. You have almost zero hip or lower body turn.

  4. Handicap is too high for that swing. I’ve seen WAY worse. Work on your short game.

  5. Agreed. Get those hips cleared and keep your left wrist flat through impact!

  6. The crazy thing about golf is the difference between someone who shoots 72 vs 90 is just 1 stroke per hole.

  7. It's easy to get within like 25 yards of the green in regulation if you keep it in play. It's that scrambling and putting that makes a lot of the difference between scratch and a 10 handicap. If you can get within 3 ft, you're almost guaranteed a par.

  8. I mean, talking to your partner and saying “hey, I’m gonna do a daddy/kid day on Saturday with our little guy. We’re gonna go to the zoo in the morning, come back home for lunch and nap, and then head to the park in the afternoon. I’ll make sure to pack the diaper bag on Friday night so we’re ready to go! Do you want us to kiss you good bye or would you prefer we let you sleep in?” Or something like it feels like common sense, but maybe it’s not? I don’t feel like something like that has to be specified…but maybe it does…

  9. I tried to give my wife a child free day this past weekend. I made the mistake of telling her ahead of time what we were doing, which then led to her gettinf FOMO and ended up coming along LOL. Was told I was so close to nailing it but we can't do something too fun 🤦

  10. That’s true. I guess I would just rather have an extra club at the top of my bag than 5 clubs in the 43*-60* range

  11. Grubs will turn your grass yellow before eventually killing it. Can you easily pull the grass up down there?

  12. Good god I can't tell which way you're trying to hit it at address

  13. Basically, let’s say I’m a 36 handicap. I would receive two strokes on every hole, therefore there would be two dots on every hole. If I was a 9 handicap, I would receive strokes/dots on the 9 hardest holes from the course handicap

  14. Essentially yes. If you only get 4 strokes on 18 holes, those go to the hardest handicapped holes

  15. Fair warning to anyone doing this: these are likely easy to break, i.e. good enough to keep a toddler or small child out, but even a not very bright or resourceful teenager would probably be able to get in within 5-10 minutes, or seconds with a $10 pair of bolt cutters or

  16. I use them as well as trigger locks and a gun safe. Another added layer of something to deal with

  17. Thank you for putting safety at top of mind in your gun ownership. Not sarcastic in the slightest — I have no beef with legitimately responsible firearm ownership.

  18. Yeah man. I have two hunting guns. There's no reason I need them outside of hunting so they're locked down. Ammo locked in a separate locked part of the safe, away from guns too!!

  19. Ask your neighbor in the way back. It looks like he's got some lawn knowledge!

  20. Lol that's a single mom who doesn't do a second of mowing

  21. I know. She doesn't care for her lawn. Further up around her new patio is about a 6 ft stripe of weeds. Her lawn company does it all

  22. Well that's a fucking awesome putter. Damn dude you snagged a good one!!

  23. Does your husband have any ADHD? Just a thought, I struggle with some impatience and get testy quickly with my kids when I don't take my meds. I've decided to take them even on days I don't work in order to help with that.

  24. Sorry. Don't know why you got downvoted. I think that was an insightful comment.

  25. Also people down voting it I'm sure know more about ADHD than I do /s. Impulse control, anger and impatience all go hand in hand with ADHD.

  26. I got downvoted?? Haha. I use mobile so I can never tell.

  27. 30 bucks for 4 MG is ridiculous. Should be 30 bucks for 30 MG.

  28. See if you can find my comment to someone else in this thread. You can blame lots of high hospital pricing on the vendors we are forced, for some dumb reason, to buy from

  29. Is it seriously this expensive or are your health care providers making a huge profit?? I'm UK so genuinely have no idea whatsoever what it actually costs...

  30. I can chime in being in healthcare here. Our hospital has vendors we HAVE to order through. For instance we were looking at an item you can buy online for $70, the medical vendor charges $800 for the EXACT same item. The bandaid you can get at cvs for 2 cents? Hospital would probably get charged $50 for a box and then $5/bandaid or something asinine. Just feels like every step along the way, people are price gouging each other.

  31. It sounds normal to me. Definitely what most people I know do. My husband and I both happen to have very flexible jobs so we're able to send our son to a preschool we love even though it only goes 8:30-3, and we have a shorter commute, so our schedules happen to look a little different from yours and we do happen to be home with both kids before 4 almost every day, but it's just sort of based on our own unique circumstances. We wouldn't be able to do that with different jobs or a longer commute. And if our son's school had longer hours, we would love that, and certainly wouldn't be home by 4:30.

  32. Yeah I think she's a bit naive. She also thinks our generation doesn't have it any harder than the boomers regarding debt, income to cost of living, retirement etc...

  33. Yeah I think she's a bit naive. She also thinks our generation doesn't have it any harder than the boomers regarding debt, income to cost of living, retirement etc...

  34. Handicap is right around 8 at the moment. In my best rounds I always end up having a bad hole or two (double or worse) where I hit at least one terrible shot. Could be a drive, an approach, a flubbed chip around the greens, doesn't matter just a brainfart.

  35. This is me too. There's always one aspect of the game each time I've been out this year that's just a little off. A fat wedge shot turns a par into a bogey. A topped driver turns a 100 yard wedge shot into a 5 iron from the rough and then everything else is pretty ok.

  36. Netflix are the catalyst for the strike. They’ve gone to market in the past 3-4 years making more scripted shows than any other network - probably in history - and with their global power have been able to pay pittance for writing.

  37. Tbf they're getting what they pay for. So much of the stuff on Netflix is just straight garbage. Will easily be the first streaming service I axe

  38. Hips move as soon as takeaway starts. Watch some pros on youtube

  39. Also minus about 15mph clubhead speed. But a great swing nonetheless.

  40. If he's working on something new in his swing, he shouldn't be swinging fully anyways!

  41. Contact the Attorney General's office about this...they just recently settled a class-action lawsuit against Century Link over billing practices. I'm still waiting for my settlement check. 🙂

  42. They did?! Their billing is the reason I'll never use them again

  43. Ok, I don't turn into a reddit post haha...I just sold my first card that I ever got graded today. Waiting on payment on ebay. Anything special to do to send it? I know it's in a sealed slab but still wanna make sure. I have a bubble wrap manila envelope I was just going to fold up around the slab inside of it and tape all the sides down.

  44. Get golf fix. It's free and will use ai to breakdown each phase of your swing. I've done lessons before and I actually find this more helpful swing to swing. It'll tell you what to fix and next swing, tell you if you fixed it.

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