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  1. Okay thanks, by any chance do you know the mg you took and for how many days? I need to try something I’m losing hope

  2. I took amoxicillin 500mg 3x per day for 10 days

  3. I'm not sure actually, i didn't check my wbc prior. I know it was high at one point but after I checked it again they said it was normal. The only time I know it's not good to take antibiotics is if you're sick with a viral infection

  4. Lard or even vegetable shortening works better, and the recipe I use specifies that the lard/shortening be very cold when incorporating. The recipe I use includes:

  5. Interesting everyone is saying this. I got the recipe from my aunt she uses oil and near boiling water. But I don't know her exact method and she kinda eyeballs everything so it's hard to know exactly what I do wrong. I mostly prefer oil because it's cheaper but I will try warm water

  6. Pretty much every recipe I've seen uses some kind of fat

  7. The sugar is fine but it's definitely too much yeast for sure. 2 teaspoons is max (2 1/4 for active dry yeast)

  8. Any recipe you'd recommend? I got it off Reddit from another user

  9. I'll add less yeast next time !

  10. You made just need to use a little less milk. I live in a humid environment and I almost always have to use a bit less of whatever liquids a bread recipe calls for.

  11. Yes I tried using very little just a splash of milk and even then the dough ends up very sticky and wet. And I also changed to just 3 whole eggs without the 3 yolks to the recipe.

  12. Taking out the the yolks removed fat and binding elements in the recipe, so that could be causing problems too. Other than that I couldn't say.

  13. Well some recipes only call for 3 whole eggs while others say 3 yolks added as well but mostly for the bread to be softer. I'm not sure though.

  14. Please avoid requests for recipes for specific ingredients or dishes (unless it's obscure and Google has failed you).

  15. Google has failed me unfortunately. Can't find anything on it

  16. Yes but those are the ones that I don't want. Because all the recipes are the savory crispy ones that are just fried. That's why it's so hard to find a recipe because it's mixed in with results of several types of banana chips which aren't the sweet hard type .

  17. Cooking cakes involves their loosing moisture. If there is too much moisture in the air, that can inhibit this process.

  18. Thank you ! I was wondering why it happened

  19. Yeah its all estimates, but assuming you're reasonably normal your actual value will be somewhere close to that. Start by assuming they're roughly right.

  20. One other thing, should I just jump into 2500 calories or should I build up over time ? I don't wanna regain the weight / minimize fat gain or hurt my body any way

  21. As long as you're at or below your maintenance you may gain water weight but not fat. There's no need to go slowly from that side of things.

  22. How long do u think I should do this till I start to lower calories again? In the past I've taken maybe 3-4 days where I ate whatever, I gained a few pounds but after going low calories I still didn't lose any weight. Been hearing a week, 2 weeks, a month . Idk

  23. It looks like it was designed as sucker bait to fool the rubes... but I can vouch for its effectiveness. As a kid, my parents had one and it worked great for me to transmit and receive coded messages with my distant cousins on Neptune.

  24. I've seen a few of these on random websites. I kinda like the design but what's up with the knob and the plastic satellite thing going on? Anyone by any chance ever used one of these?

  25. I would ask your doctor to see if you are nutrient deficient and also check your hormones. Or some other medical issue. For me after I did a 3 day water fast I was able to control my hunger completely. But the hunger u go through is terrible the first two days. I wouldn't recommend but that was something I did. Aside from that eating fats and proteins are good for keeping filled up, not sure what ur eating when ur hungry. Good luck !

  26. Cheap is cheap, you get what you pay for! Have you run a rabbitears report for your local?

  27. In reality there's on group of channels (vhf 10) that I want to get indoors without moving the antenna. I've had simple rabbit ears but it has trouble even though it's in front of a glass screen door. Yes I ran it, most stations are near by , like 30 miles

  28. Why would you get a monstrosity like that for INSIDE an apartment? Do you live fairly close to a metropolitan area? I live about 20 miles outside of Cincinnati and I have one of the basic, flat, square antennas and get about 40 channels. I got it off Amazon. Probably cost me about $30.

  29. I Guess ur right lol, I'll look for something more visually appealing.

  30. Assuming your keto isn't so relaxed it's not effective, it sounds like you might have a thyroid issue. I'd talk to a doctor, specifically an endocrinologist. Also, many thyroid tests don't check the full range of thyroid issues. That is to say, false negatives are common. So you'll want to watch out about that.

  31. I'll be going to an endocrinologist soon. Just weird 2021 I lost 50 pounds.. I had to be on about 1000-1200 calories per day .. and then 2022 starts and I suddenly stop losing weight and then gain some. I mean for my height and weight 1800 should be enough calories for me to lose weight and I'm no where near that or ever was really lol

  32. The reason for that is counting calories does not create long term weight loss, only short term. The metabolism adjusts based on how many calories you're taking in, so eating less will not make you lose weight. Worst, to get your metabolism back up to speed you'll have to gain weight to do so, often gaining back more than you initially lost from calorie counting to begin with. Calorie counting is not a valid or healthy way to lose weight.

  33. Currently I eat just one meal a day, been pushing to try to eat 2 (it's difficult since I adjusted) but I always have at least one avocado a day along with either chicken or beef, and green veggies (spinach, kale) sometimes I'll have eggs and bacon for breakfast. I don't really know how much fat I should be eating im currently just winging everything but I did lose water weight which probably means im in ketosis but maybe not as efficient? I did see a drop of 2 pounds suddenly yesterday, so maybe something started up again. I've been doing more explosive workouts like jump rope and sprinting rather than just walking and maybe that's the difference maker I don't know. Thank u for the information!

  34. That's probably it. Your last sentence. You've got to break fasts gently, with chicken soup, butter, whatever works for you. But if you've got that, you've got keys to the kingdom. Next time you get white tongue and metal taste, go to the doctor, and if the doctor, after blood tests and everything, says yes, keep going. You've got to balance the health hazards of fasting against the health hazards of your body weight.

  35. I couldn't go more and I didn't see any benefits from doing so. The taste was absolutely horrid and I was gagging. I'd rather take it slow and steady.

  36. About 2 weeks in. I wanted to go for the full month but I just couldn't . The most I lost was 2021 when I went from 2 meals a day to just one. I lost 50 pounds and the regained 10 2022 staying on one meal a day. I think I may have ruined my metabolism in the process because I keep going lower in calories but my weight does not budge anymore. This year I started keto and since I'm already used to one meal a day I just decided to stick. I may need to eat more though but I honestly feel full with the little I eat. I'm currently looking up ways to speed up metabolism, supplements, etc. without any guidance it's a bit difficult, sometimes I wish someone would tell me step by step what to do, what to eat how much everything I need to know because I'd 100% follow it. There's a lot of pain and anger behind my dedication. People just don't treat you the same when you're overweight.

  37. Can’t you share your phone Wi-Fi with the tv instead?

  38. I have very limited hotspot data. It runs out in like ten minutes

  39. If you're asking to watch the world cup games, I just signed up for a YouTube TV 14 day trial because it has Fox so that I could watch the games.

  40. No. A few years back CBS& Fox were channels 17.1 and 17.2. The transmitter was taken down for ATSC 3.0. CBS re-appeared as 3.2, but no FOX. Can only get in North County.

  41. Damn that sucks. Thanks for the info !

  42. Are you absolutely sure you’re counting correctly? Counting everything accurately? 1200 calories a day (besides being way too low for someone like you) should have you dropping multiple pounds per week, and even 2000 would almost certainly have you losing weight.

  43. Yes I use myfitnesspal app to count calories and I don't eat anything out of the ordinary, meat (chicken or beef) vegetables, and a small amount of carbs (1/2 cup rice or sub another carb) drink water throughout the day. I do OMAD so I don't snack at all all day, I was losing consistently my first year and changed nothing and some people tell me I've plateaued because I've been eating too little while others are saying I'm not counting right (which I doubt) so it's all confusing I don't even know how many calories I should be eating and if perhaps not eating enough protein as well could be effecting my weight stalling

  44. Eating too little won't make you plateau for that long, it is not how physics work. At 1200 calories a day you would be dropping a ton of weight. Either your counting wrong, or you have a medical condition and need to see a doctor.

  45. Body isn't physics though. There's hormones involved. That's why I'm curious about what's going on since that seems to be the typical response but if I'm eating once a day compared to 3 times a day before and eating a small meal yet not losing weight and counting the calories to be under 1200 then shouldn't there be something else ? Why do other websites put me over 2000+ calories a day for losing weight at my current height / weight ? I want to start on keto if that might help with breaking a plateau but keto is mentally difficult for me.

  46. Combining ADF and OMAD is a terrible idea. You literally can’t do that. OMAD is one meal a day. Full stop. Every day. ADF is every other day and normal levels of eating. ADF is great to prevent metabolic slowdown, OMAD is not (hence the inevitable OMAD plateau). By combing these it doesn’t act as a multiplier conferring benefits of both systems, it rather breaks them. Your metabolism has likely slowed significantly, if it has, over eating then literally does get a multiplier and any over eating/bingeing is just that much worse. Pick one or the other and just do it otherwise this just exacerbates your plateau issues you had previous at the very least.

  47. Thank you. I couldn't handle being on both and eventually just got back on OMAD, which I continue to plateau on. So I think I have to now start with ADF but eat throughout the day (which is difficult to me because my stomach has adapted to eating only once) and it's also psychologically difficult skipping an entire day because I live with family and they insist I eat lol. But I think that's what I gotta do if I wanna see progress. Thank you 🙏

  48. I think the option to move from LTE to 4G it was removed a while back in an earlier version of iOS 15. US carriers are shutting down their 3G networks. AT&T and T-Mobile labeled theirs as 4G on iPhones. Since 3G is on the way out they decided to remove it as an option, maybe their thought process in doing so is the fact that these networks are being turned off and dismantled is that you might have a negative experience. I know in the US carriers require VoLTE since it’s a modern calling standard compared to 3G/4G. The radio waves they grab from 3G/4G will be repurposed into LTE or 5G radio waves to help with congestion and making service more reliable. You could be experiencing issues if they are working on towers or systems in your area.

  49. Yeah it's been a while since I updated perhaps even a year since we stopped paying for internet I couldn't update at all with just data. Yesterday I was at a friends house and I connected to their wifi and really the only reason I updated was to see the new emojis lol but I miss being able to switch. Sometimes the congestion of LTE makes it unusable and 4G although typically slower is better in that time . Thankfully my phone is insured to get an upgrade so I can get s 5G capable phone. Thank you for your response it's helped me understand it better

  50. I typically just drink water but occasionally I'll have homemade lemonade. But I try to restrict it. Usually have about a fist size of meat whether it be chicken, beef, pork. 1/2 cup of beans. 1/2 avocado. Steamed veggies usually zucchini and some leafy greens. Sometimes I have rice (1/2 cup) which I'm trying to cut out too.

  51. Ok, not horrific. The fist thing for meat is just wrong – as a 6'0 male, you need to be eating at least 170g of 100% bioavailable protein (that is, meat) every single day. To figure out how many ounces of cooked meat that is, you divide by 7. So for you, you need 170g/7 = 24 ounces of meat, every day. If you want to then add other things to eat after that, sure, go for it, but get that much protein in every day. Your health will improve rapidly if you do this.

  52. Would it be okay to add a whey protein shake to cover for it ?

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