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  1. we’ve got a regular who mobile orders for Smokie, its because a different store called him out for smoking in the drive through and he thought it was funny and made it his whole brand 💀 apparently he has tshirts

  2. brown sugar shaken espresso, caramel macchiato, strawberry acai lemonade, and chais make up probably 80% of our drinks

  3. Yep same here...we call it the "basic bi***".....not on the floor though 🤣🤣 it is literally every third drink is the pink drink then the iced caramel macchiato.

  4. 4 and 6 are def my favorite hairs, i feel like Felicity is cute and i could also see her being named Maggie

  5. I usually stick with Willow Creek but my favorite world to spend time in is definitely Henford-on-Bagley

  6. I leave a tip as well. How is you getting the next order a few seconds sooner do much more complicated?

  7. we have two separate screens, one that has the order that needs to get paid for and one that has the drinks that have been handed out, so it’s a bit confusing when those two don’t match up, especially when we’re busy and trying to keep drive times low

  8. Gee, if only sbux cared more about customer satisfaction than silly metrics like dt times.

  9. ??? huh all tierlists go s-a-b-c-so on and so forth

  10. can we please stop picking fights between subreddits lmao, the reason we don’t talk about Kiya over there is because there was a lot of negativity and people picking sides between her and the other girls and saying nasty things and that’s just toxic, especially considering they’re literal children

  11. tbh no but the wall color is really throwing me off lmao. i really like the layout but i personally would probably do brown/tan walls (the green is a statement tho so if you like it go with it)

  12. I for no reason in particular named all my aura dragons names starting with the letter D. no clue why that was the move but it was

  13. I thought we weren’t supposed to do pour overs through DTO?

  14. we do them at DTO but we usually let people know that they’ll take a few extra minutes so they usually decide to go with either a regular pike or an americano instead so we rarely actually make them

  15. honestly you have really pretty eyes, i hope you know that haha. i know not everyone is going to want to dye their hair, but have you ever considered maybe getting highlights? i think it would look super pretty on you

  16. Unpopular opinion: I actually really like it. (Could do without dance monkey though ngl) 🤷🏼‍♀️

  17. yeah, i also really do, though sometimes it will play something super out of pocket and it makes me laugh

  18. Personally we’ve been suggesting that people do lattes with dark caramel, and most customers have seemed happy with that. One thing to note is that dark caramel pump does half pumps automatically, so it would probably be worth it to specify that you’d like full pumps of the dark caramel. Hopefully that helps!

  19. someone today asked if we had a double chocolate mocha. girl on drive asked if they were looking to put both the chocolate and white mocha in the drink bc we were all confused and the person was like “oh, i thought that was a thing you sold. that’s ok, i’ll take a regular chocolate mocha instead” ma’am???

  20. This was a drink in like 16’ or 17’ and it had a dark chocolate powder blended in and a topping both of which we no longer carry

  21. ooh ok good to know!! thanks! also someone definitely came in and asked for a cordusio the other day and i’m pretty sure my ssv made them just a nonfat mocha or something to that effect

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