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  1. No they dont. Chinese police are very laid back or hands off, even docile. Little known fact is that Chinese police do not carry firearms, maybe a small club or similar. They are prone to taking abuse from citizens on the street when something happens like a bike accident or whatever. Seen many times that when police have been pushed and shoved. They generally act as a mediator between disputing parties and prefer for the parties resolve the issue themselves. Last thing he wants is more paperwork.

  2. In a range of civil disputes this is true. When it comes to any kind of gathering whatsoever, particularly of foreigners, well, no. I was just in 3 tranquil gatherings in the past 36 hours, all broken up with zero legal cause, all punctuated by pontification on how 疫情还没结束 despite us wearing masks and being 10 decibels lower than the average ayi gathering. In gatherings of locals, ironically enough, I've noticed it's more common for them to talk back or even fight back if police are swinging. More power to them. Not worth it for us since there would be zero possible outcomes apart from jail or prison.

  3. Perfection only marred by that blonde bitch not getting sent to gehenna

  4. "Liquid water is not itself wet, but can make other solid materials wet. Wetness is the ability of a liquid to adhere to the surface of a solid, so when we say that something is wet, we mean that the liquid is sticking to the surface of a material."

  5. From what I know, Reddit is never popular in China. Maybe that’s why they don’t block it

  6. reddit has been blocked here for years. have not been able to access without vpn since 2019. source - live in shanghai

  7. TLDW: capitalism. they went for short term high profit click bait nonsense that long term damaged the brand's credibility. also refused to pay the content creators that worked under them the money they deserved for making videos people liked watching that wasn't click bait garbage so those employees left and made their own wildly successful channels.

  8. That's not capitalism that's immaturity. Capitalism is the reason they lost profit. Poor products attract less demand.

  9. All these "Great Translation Movement" morons out here cherry picking shit comments on social media as if you couldn't go on Reddit or Twitter and find white liberals screaming for blood

  10. Lmao the liberal delusion in this comment

  11. I completely understand: I've been here for years and years, and every time I had an awkward conversation about China, the West, or almost anything, I told myself: "you're speaking with uneducated people (most of the time), who come from another culture". Deeply, I knew I was just making excuses, but to be perfectly honest, we have some fucking stupid people in the West too, so I thought "well, at least, Chinese people have some excuse".

  12. One of my earliest memories was our S. Baptist preacher stopping by one day to ostensibly talk my mom into running the nursery. He was actually trying to fuck her and he and my dad ended up in a fistfight in our front yard. Our explorers teacher was a pedophile and abused me and a couple of my best friends. We then moved to a church in Chattanooga where the pastor killed two of his wives the same way. Accidently shooting them in the head when he thought he heard an intruder. The music minister here made national news by abusing young boys and videotaping it. He got life +.

  13. Thanks everyone for the feedback. Sorry for not being active in the thread. Ended up finding a cheaper alternative to astrill thanks to someone's dm and am satisfied. If you need to know what it is dm me and will let you know, will stay cautious like the guy who sent it to me and only mention it by dm

  14. our band plays at house of blues and jazz some weekends f you want to hang out by the bund. our only fans are chinese so would be interesting to have english speakers in there for a change. Lol

  15. It's definitely a rarely reported Chinese 'thing'. I was in a cafe in the UK a few years back and most of the booths were full, so I had to sit at a crappy shared central table. One particular booth was occupied by a laptop but no people, but obviously no-one sat down there. After 90 minutes, a member of staff tried to find out whose laptop it was. Surprise surprise it belonged to one of the Chinese sat at an entirely different table with a bunch of his mates. The booth had been blocked off to all others for a minimum of 90 minutes despite the owner sitting elsewhere. Ignorant prick.

  16. Was following along until that 2nd to last line... Experiencing you? Is your last name Weinstein? Hahaha, just kidding though.

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