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  1. They set up their nest in a tube in my boiler room and I’ve killed most if not all of them with mousetraps but I still think it’s quite unusual there were actually mice living in my home. I have killed about 9 by now. I just wanted to know if this kind of stuff is happening in the area. I’ve heard from some people in my neighborhood about their mice issues in their homes too.

  2. In the summer the like cool places to nest, in the winters they like attics.

  3. Tried to get the things people didn’t mention already:

  4. This is not an abortion if the baby is dead!!! It’s an abortion if the baby could live outside the womb. You guys are brainwashed because this is always a reply but it’s not even close to the same thing!!!

  5. You know- I get that you think that it’s that simple. But it’s not.

  6. Start inviting people out for brunch in protest.

  7. My mother was married to an abusive man for 40+ years and lived with him an additional 10+ years.

  8. I flagged NSFW because of curse words, didn't want to upset anyone over that.

  9. I want to see a female pharmacist deny a man his Viagra because she doesn't believe in it. Can you imagine the uproar?

  10. I would love to see all pharmacists deny men their viagra because it’s not the way nature wanted men to live.

  11. i don't think so. i am offering if in ages hence young women can no longer get legal abortions here and need a ride to a state where they're still legal i would help them. i don't know what you're talking about.

  12. Youngkin is 2 seats away from banning abortions.

  13. That’s correct! Right now Virginia is holding onto abortion rights by only two democrats in the state senate… there were already pieces of anti abortion legislation introduced this last session. They only didn’t pass because of the very, very slight democratic majority. The 2023 elections will be absolutely critical to holding onto abortion rights!

  14. In other words- vote this November blue all the way down.

  15. I get annoyed by the people who don’t want lawns but want to get rid of their mosquitos and ticks and yet don’t want to hurt the bees and yet want to use some kind of service because they don’t like to be outside but want to be outside for like fifteen minutes without spraying themselves with chemicals but want everything to be organic but don’t want chemicals or sprays because their their dogs might eat some grass that they don’t want because nature but they really—- they want a lawn!

  16. Fill paper. Preferably grid or dot. No graphics necessary.

  17. And so we shall see the sign of the end times, the 7.11 times three.

  18. I've lived in places where the taxes were 2-3x higher, and the level of services was nowhere near the quality of what exists in NOVA.

  19. Hard to say without knowing the SEER rating but 9k seems about right nowadays. Be grateful they have them in stock. You could try Airplus as a secondary.

  20. Agree with all of this. Especially the aluminum thing. The copper to aluminum welding doesn’t work out well.

  21. You are loved. You are important. And you are valued.

  22. You know, one of my favorite shows is “Our Flag Means Death” and this episode was so incredibly awesome for me because it kinda had that same campiness.

  23. How much could we help gas prices if all desk offices went back to working from home.

  24. Even just working four 10 hr days would reduce gas use by 20%.

  25. It's not that simple. You would use 20% less fuel but that just means less is produced keeping the artificial scarcity

  26. Of course it’s not that simple. But I think that there are many creative ways to protest the price gauging that’s happening.

  27. Fredericksburg is home the Mary Washington university and downtown Fredericksburg has a lot of charm.

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