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  1. I remember feeling so confused when people would call Bernie a radical for saying that we have a problem with wealth inequity. He was saying stuff that was elementary compared to other nations.

  2. I thought Bernie was a socialist? Not American, don’t go at me if I’m wrong.

  3. That makes sense. Thanks mate

  4. Some games are just heavy on one component, and light on another. I suppose this is just one of those games.

  5. If it’s Vengeance You Want in my Arse

  6. Yeah, and they don’t burn out because of thermal throttling. And thermal throttling, while it saves your cpu, is bad for performance. Why do you think overclockers get their chips really cold?

  7. Isaac Asimov wrote a short story about that

  8. If they don’t accommodate, it’s about time you find a new employer ASAP lol

  9. Yeah. Fucking dystopian op even thinks of asking this shit.

  10. There are no children on Inkbunny. Just drawings.

  11. Get out of here, you fucking pedophile.

  12. You’re insane. Please get help before you do something truly depraved

  13. Lmao due to the tilt and cables everywhere Ithought it was smashed on the floor

  14. It’s not just because of alcohol. Any substance that damages the liver including viral hepatitis will do the same thing.

  15. This is a great eli5. I understood it very easily, despite being tired as fuck right now, and learned a little extra about scars in general which is cool. Thanks

  16. Do you want an ELI5 on why sleep deprivation is bad for you?

  17. I’m too tired to tell if you’re trying to be rude right now, but I am right about to go to sleep. Sleep deprivation wasn’t the main issue anyway, I’ve had a long day. Night mate.

  18. I am Australian, and I only hit yes because most states (all but QLD) banned gel blasters, which literally shoot balls of water. That should be changed.

  19. I think that’s only true if they look even remotely like real guns. Still strict, obviously, but there’s good reasoning.

  20. Most likely. I was speaking about vic, cause my friend’s always wanted a gel gun and so he looked into the legality of it.

  21. It’s crazy to me that people can sit there and make up something entirely in their own head and then get mad about it

  22. Idk as much as it’s all bullshit I kinda like the design of the scp one. I imagine they just took the scp logo tho

  23. They really are just idiots with guns aren’t they

  24. Despite all these suggestions to get an SSD, this screenshot does not indicate an HDD is used.

  25. Give me an example of an ssd that can go to 100% usage at only a few mb/s. Then I’ll believe you.

  26. There could be tasks not shown in the task manager because it wasn’t run in elevated privileges. That can be why the numbers don’t add up.

  27. It is sorted by most usage. You can easily see that. And why suggest something irrelevant, knowing it doesn’t matter and that you could confuse someone who is not very familiar with computers? That’s pretty stupid.

  28. World maps look the same on every image so not hard to learn and get right. It is hard when there are lot of very different représentations of the same key word, like a dog or a person, or text

  29. Not really true. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of different projections. To be fair tho, this is by fair the most common.

  30. I mean she’s much brighter and stands out against the rest of the photo. Of course we see her first. Also, butt 😀

  31. I actually saw her red hair first

  32. I have Prosthetics Expanded which adds youth serum, which de-ages colonists

  33. I’m using pure vanilla as this is my first run, the biosculpter pod appears to be able to de age colonists?

  34. What? That's the fucking Eureka stockade flag. That was a rebellion against oppression.

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