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Mom’s last hair. Self Portrait. 4 months of chemo remaining for this incredible woman.

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  1. I don’t see your point? I was talking about how his friends are just as much at fault. So yeah, everyone could have said no, and no one did.

  2. I mean the comment said his friends should pay the medical bills, leaving him out of the equation. Apart from the fact that he probably is out of the equation for good.

  3. I never said they should pay his medical bills. I said they should be just as liable.

  4. They have been discontinued in canada!! :( i had to make my own for this board! No cancer in these ones haha

  5. Wait, are these not cosmic brownies? I bought some a month ago from Food Basics, is this a new thing??

  6. The first sentence is crazy to me. I wear a mask because I care about the people around me. Why would I not extend that to people running away from homocide?

  7. Just don't look at the police report. spoiler: it's not surprising

  8. I was just thinking that. I clicked on the article and was excited for it to be from an LBGT source, only for them to add the police statement where the misgender Andrea.

  9. About 80% of all orange tabby cats are male. Has to do with how the ginger gene gets passed along through feline chromosomes (ginger genetics works different for humans). Basically, queens need two sets of the recessive trait, whereas toms only require one.

  10. Interesting! I have a calico and I googled a few months ago why most calicos are female and then when I found out about the chromosomes, but so never knew it was similar in ginger cats!

  11. This photo gives me renaissance painting feels.

  12. Yes, I agree. I think it’s the folds in her clothes. Fuck cancer.

  13. Such a powerful photo. I hope the chemo is effective and she goes into remission soon. Thank you for sharing. Fuck cancer.

  14. Fuck cancer, for real. I have been fortune enough to not lose anyone I love to cancer. My mom has smoked a pack of cigarettes a day since I was born (I’m turning 25 in April), and I wait everyday to eventually hear the news. But reading stories like this break my heart. OP i’m thinking of your mom and I’m hoping she gets better soon ♥️♥️

  15. In British Columbia, last year, we finally got 5 paid sick days a year

  16. Lol would love to see that in Ontario. Too bad Ford doesn’t care about the people here. I worked at GameStop for almost 4 years and not a single PTO or paid sick leave

  17. I teach my kids to say weiner, idk what got into their head

  18. The worksheet they were given has the word “cock” printed on it.They wrote a word that was in the paragraph you gave them.

  19. She voted against giving the workers sick days

  20. I don't understand why everyone who is mentioning the blind spot (and who are 100% correct) are being downvoted. Seems like this sub is truly idiots in cars.

  21. The cop was obviously going faster then the truck. He wasn’t in his blind spot intentionally, he just happened to be there while passing the truck. In order to pass someone, you’re going to be in their blind spot. It is 100% the driver’s responsibility to make sure it is safe to merge.

  22. How do you even poet these days? Like how does one make a living out of it? Do you have to rely entirely on some governmental funding body or something?

  23. Writing lyrics maybe? Mix in your poetry talent with some music and tada!

  24. I don't think all my games play time even adds up to that.

  25. This guy doesn’t play MMOs.

  26. If it ain’t oversized i don’t want it, + you get more materials per cent than other people

  27. Guess you could say I was making some…Mogul Moves

  28. Sadly I'm so fat I can't buy their stuff. Completely understand why just sucks. I have a green yard hoodie that works as a corset when I wear it lol

  29. As much as I love the boys I totally agree!! I’m all for size inclusivity, and definitely think up to 5xl should be offered everywhere. I know that’s a lot to ask but a girl can dream!

  30. The down vote's are actually confirming my theory lol

  31. And what about the comments DISproving your theory?

  32. are you actually complaining about planned obsolescence on an almost 20 year old computer?

  33. Seriously. These are extremely early versions of some hardcore tech and they’re still working. That’s impressive, especially by todays standards where everything is “buy a warranty, trust me.” But he’s mad he can’t..what..install Twitter?

  34. No, there’s not. There are dogs that are incredibly unfortunate to be targets for animal abuse. That’s it.

  35. You aren’t thinking about how much money teachers put back into their classrooms. Decorations, pizza parties, basic supplies like pencils and paper, etc. I personally don’t put any money back into my job so all that income is mine.

  36. Absolutely not. You don't get a bill if you go to the hospital, or your family doctor (if you have one, about 30% of Canadians don't), BUT dental, vision and all prescriptions are out of pocket unless you have private insurance.

  37. Prescriptions are free until 25! Source: Turning 25 in April and have a physical exam booked in Feb to hopefully get anything i need free before it’s too late!

  38. Tbf they did start the sentence “in last weeks AZ episode when…” and you could have stopped reading haha

  39. As a Canadian, it didn’t even occur to me that AZ could be short for a state lol

  40. This guy has 120k+ comment karma he doesn’t give a fuck

  41. He is adorable. Make sure you learn how to clip his nails or he’ll tear your stuff up. Also make sure he’s clipped

  42. I appreciate the concern but this is not my first cat rodeo haha

  43. Welcome home cutie!!! What’s his name?

  44. hi first and foremost i am sorry for your loss! that is rough. to affirm you, it is possible to have ptsd. i strongly recommend speaking to a grief therapist if you haven’t already. they can help you process.

  45. Thank you very much, I’m really sorry for your loss, as well.

  46. I recently lost my 5 year old bearded dragon to a dog, and I completely understand how unfair it feels to lose them so young, so unexpectedly. It is unfair, I completely agree. I find myself worrying every time the dogs start barking that they’ve caught another of my reptiles even though their enclosures are completely secure, and every time I sit in the living room I can’t help but stare at the spot on the rug where we found him, and replay the ensuing race to the vet in my head.

  47. This was incredibly well written, thank you so much for writing all of this.

  48. This is gonna sound crazy, but are you the owner of Witch Bitch Thrift?! If not you look exactly like them!

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