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  1. Huh? She’s a piece of human garbage. Why can’t we dislike someone for being a bad person? Even her own family hates her and is suing her.

  2. Her sister is sueing her for defamation because she spewed conspiracy theories and other false statements on Twitter, and Meghan talked about it on her show with Oprah. Just because someone is sueing another person, that doesn’t make their case automatically true.

  3. I think it says “Find in the ordinary”, but…find what?

  4. oh god getting my wisdom teeth out was absolute heaven for my ED. unfortunately, 2/4 of my extraction sites got infected after not healing properly as a consequence of malnourishment lol.

  5. thank you!! i’ve been drinking smoothies for sure. had 1 yesterday for dinner, one this morning for lunch and another one for dinner tonight. i was so scared i was going to fuck up the healing process somehow so i definitely wanted something with probiotics in it

  6. Was around that age when it came out. Remember rewatching it a few more times.

  7. Yup, same here. 24 now and I remember playing “pretend benders” with my sister probably around 9-10 yrs old. I was always a water bender haha

  8. Does anyone know of a nice way to get Square Enix EU purchases shipped to Canada? I'm interested in the new Tactics game and kinda want the steelbook, but that's only in EU (as are most steelbooks...)

  9. There are quite a few websites that sell things like that but you might run into the issue of shipping costs. I bought a Square Enix FFXIV cookbook off Amazon a few months back so maybe they have an amazon store with more stuff on it?

  10. Same I went to central a year before it closed I graduated

  11. I think that’s when my boyfriend went! I can’t remember, but he’s a ‘96 baby

  12. Gorgeous!! The way it fits your waist makes me sooo jealous!

  13. I would be embarrassed to body shame someone on a body positive subreddit but that didn’t stop you, did it? 🥴

  14. Jay's Sticky Buns is a local small biz that makes some tasty cheesecakes!

  15. I’ve had their cinnamon buns before and I didn’t even think to check if they do cheesecake! Definitely gonna check it out, thanks!

  16. It’s showing up on my phone calender!

  17. Little bit more of an explanation:

  18. Is anyone else having order day issues?? They changed our order day to Wednesday for delivery Friday, but now it takes 3 days for shipment? So we’re supposed to get it Saturdays. But when I went into work this morning is says delivery isn’t available! This is getting so frustrating. They push my order day back 2 extra days so I’m low on stock, and now we’re being screwed over for the whole weekend?? And we can’t even call them to ask because they’re closed weekends!

  19. Yeah you definitely aren’t the only one experiencing OCS’ stupidity, but your situation definitely seems worse than most people I know. Crazy that they managed to make things worse after giving themselves a week off to “organize their warehouse”. Hope it doesn’t persist for you guys (and everyone).

  20. So incredibly frustrating. We ended up getting an email just after 12pm saying the delivery was coming, even with wholesale still saying delivery not available. Whatever, it’s here I guess haha

  21. Anything with the same lot # will have the same THC and Terpene %. So if someone wanted this specific batch of 33% (🤯), they could call a dispensary and give them the lot number to see if it matches.

  22. "Shit, I'm sorry. I'm 70 years old and don't understand how zipper merging works. I am an idiot and will go back to drivers ed to learn these basic concepts."

  23. I had someone give me the finger a few weeks ago because I let 1 person merge in front of me, but because I know how to drive I didn’t let her in as well. She looked like she just got her license so she’ll learn eventually.

  24. Why not go to the other location in the mall ?

  25. Unfortunately there’s only one in the mall now. They had both EB Games and GameStop, closed the Gamestop years ago and then back in September they changed the name from EB Games to Gamestop.

  26. Never mind I misread. Aren't video game stores a little redundant?

  27. I guess I’m old fashioned? I definitely prefer my games physical over digital. I don’t think I own a single digital game unless it was digital only. I like collecting.

  28. Am I crazy? Wasn’t there a bomber in Paris a few years back?

  29. Haha, I definitely see it. I don’t have the best handwriting which is why I was so pleased with this S!

  30. Ah, I always confuse all the different subreddits for these type of things. I assumed it did because it’s trying to say two things but one is in the middle so it throws the whole thing off. What subreddit would it go to?

  31. I worked at Gamestop for 4~ years and we had a regular who would use his Optimum points in brand new games and trade them in with us, and use the store credit to get gift cards. We had two “used” copies of Sword and Shield on launch day (when they really had never been opened). They used to do a deal where you’d get $50 for a game within 30 days of its release but I think they changed it and it might be worse now.

  32. I realized at the other day while working that both Tribal and Nugz put harvest dates on their packaging. It has never been more inticing than knowing what I’m buying was harvested less than a month ago 👌

  33. I’m starting to suspect nobody reads the flairs in this sub…

  34. To be fair, the OP did say they like The Sims, and that isn’t on the Switch, so they must have some sort of other console.

  35. I went through a really bad breakup August 2020. I felt really bad, as well because I gained a bit of weight during the pandemic, and was already a little chubby to begin with. I really felt like I’d just lost my last chance at someone finding me beautiful.

  36. I like to support businesses with competitive prices but still have a healthy mark up. I went into a chain shop one day that was selling everything with almost no mark up (maybe 2% at most). I know that you can’t run a profitable business on 2% markup so I know that by supporting these businesses I am just helping them gain market share so they can jack up prices once competitors close. The store I shop at is constantly cheaper then the OCS and has a 10-15% markup with a very small store front. This is a good enough price point for me where I feel like I’m not over paying and I get to support local people. Plus the owner is always the guy working so we chat and he’s super cool.

  37. Also a lot of those cheaper places just pay minimum wage to their workers which isn’t great. I worked at Gamestop for almost 4 years and the most I made was $14.50. After 3 months at my dispensary I make $16.50. My best friend works at a “cheap” dispensary but only makes minimum wage. People sometimes come in and say “this place has it cheaper”, but I’ve never taken it offensively. I just rented my first apartment ever at almost 24 years old because of my job 👌

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