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  1. I’m mad they got banned simply because I used them for cat litter, now I’m finding myself buying more garbage bags.

  2. I just scoop the kitty litter right into a Green bag, and then immediately into our Green bin! It’s been super easy.

  3. I don’t have a green bin and my apartment building doesn’t compost unfortunately.

  4. Oh nooo :( that really sucks. I really hope you can find a good alternative!

  5. “Well, they mentioned protection, so they basically wanted me to mention my sexual preferences! Stories? Oh yeah, I have so many real stories about my full sexual experiences with real women. Totally wild and totally real.”

  6. “Gotta talk about how uncomfortable condoms are on this totally unrelated post so people think I have a huge penis that can’t fit into them. That’ll make me look cool for people who dont care!”

  7. OK, I'll admit I very nearly got my then 16 year old daughter a t-shirt that said "I'm 16 and my daddy owns guns". (and I didn't even mention the backhoe and bag of lime)

  8. I think an inside joke between a father and daughter is cute!

  9. Omg this reminds me of when my cousin in her early 20s was pregnant.

  10. I think the top right is Lazy Town, not top left

  11. Guy really came into an anti work subreddit and said “I can’t figure out how Google works so I’m going to be mad at everyone around me instead” as if we’re not a group of people making fun of our bosses doing the same thing.

  12. Until it's about sex, then it's soooooo uncomfortable

  13. Blind innovation just for the sake of innovation is not a good thing. No one in the ARAM community asked for this and the majority of people knew it was a bad idea the minute it was suggested.

  14. Totally disagree. It’s a free game with free updates, if they wanna use us as a focus group, why not.

  15. In CarPlay when it reads a message to me and then asks if I want to reply? I say no. Then it just sits there processing for 15 seconds or responds with “sorry, I didn’t get that”

  16. LOL, thank god this is universal, I thought something was wrong with my CarPlay.

  17. I am so sorry for your loss ♥️

  18. @razerjez In that case my point is that boy wasn't being "raped" by definition. He was "dating" a grown teacher of his for months probably bedding her the entire time, before his mother called the cops on the teacher. That's not a case of rape that's a case of an adult teacher having sex with her minor student.

  19. There ya go. Statutory rape. They both agreed to have sex. That's the crime she should get stuck with. Statutory rape.

  20. Right….stat rape….is still rape. She raped him. It’s literally in the name.

  21. I moved to the Ardaugh/Ferndale area last year and man, Corner Market is my favourite. I totally recommend it.

  22. Top middle and bottom left are actually the same ball! So both options are correct :)

  23. It's literally the same thing. It's an honor system. If the sign says "take 1" and you take more than 1, you "suck" (in your own words). If the button says "click this if you need it" and you click even if you don't need it, it's the same thing.

  24. You proved your analogy wrong in your first sentence. “It’s the same thing. It’s an honour system.” But XIV doesn’t use an honour system, so how is it the same thing?

  25. Ok, this is my last comment. Because you’re an idiot. And you’ve just proved it over and over again.

  26. Nah it’s a common thing “nice guys” do. At least he didn’t berate himself more but he didn’t realize anything, it’s a tactic to make a girl/woman feel pity

  27. This, exactly. His apology has too many “I’s” in it. “I’m blowing this.” “I havent done this in a while.”

  28. This guy latches himself onto popularity any chance he gets.

  29. Who even cares? If RR feels irrelevant, and his way of getting back into the spotlight is to raise money for cancer, why does it matter?

  30. Why are we using they or them now for singular person? What the actual fuck is happening? Make me understand.

  31. They/them gets used for talking about a single person quite often.

  32. "They" is not the same as "their". You are thinking of "they're", which is a contraction of "they are", while "their" is a possessive pronoun.

  33. I mean, I'm always in favor of the woman. I was raised by mom, who left my dad when I was around 9 or 10. He was an E-6 in the early 70's. Stationed all over the world. But she left him. We lived in homeless shelters and battered women shelters for a while. Never did my mom dye her f*ckin hair. So that's a red flag here. Idk who to believe?

  34. You can’t see the victims hair colour, not that it’s relevant anyway. Not only is your comment stupid, but it doesn’t even make sense.

  35. Wait, are we going to judge the voting age based on when we stopped using mom and dads money??

  36. I would be fucking flabbergasted if my sister walked around my house like this. I would honestly be worried about her brain, because this is such a common sense thing.

  37. Yeah but, does your sister live there?

  38. What do fuck Trudeau flags look like there? I googled it and none of them look like the Ukrainian flag at all. The colors don't even match.

  39. I think it’s more an immediate reaction of “oh great, this guys got a flag”, and then quickly realizing it isn’t the Trudeau one. Not that they look the same or use the same colour scheme, just both flags on a car.

  40. Barrie is the worst for those people. STILL see them now

  41. Yup, have you seen the windowless white van with “Chinada” spray painted on the side of it? Stay classy!

  42. It’s on steam free as well, but it will also require this launcher, so you’re out of luck. The new app is functionally no different than origin just play the game you want

  43. Yeah, I see a lot of complaints about the EA App but I’m confused. I have over 5000 hours in The Sims 4 and switched to the EA App during Beta, and I’ve never had issues with it that I didn’t also have with Origin. It launches when I open my game and chills in the background, I don’t even notice it’s there.

  44. Five times… amateurs. Without any exaggeration, I bet I’ve seen it close to 50 times. There were days growing up when I watched it twice or more in a single day.

  45. Same here! My sister and I got the movie for Easter, probably 2008/2009. I was 10 or 11. Watched it 3 times that same day.

  46. That’s amazing. We debated something similar for my oldest kid, then went with a more traditional name… from the Legend of Zelda.

  47. Do you mind me asking your oldest kids name? No need to share, it is personal information. I’m a huge LoZ fan as well so I’m just curious :)

  48. ok so you’re making a reference that literally no one else got, but they’re all the idiots. do you know what a common denominator is?

  49. OH MY GOD THEY ARE SO BEAUTIFUL. I would steal them from you if I knew who you are and where you live.

  50. Thank you! They’re my best friends 🥹🫶

  51. Oh, they know it too. Got mom and dad all wrapped around their paws.

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