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  1. Thanks everyone, this is very helpful. I'm going to look through the general options listed below, but, I think this is what I need and helps me greatly. I need to finalize the exact requirements for this motor, but it looks like there are a bunch of options.

  2. So I figured it out. It was apparently a loose/dirty connection on the motherboard. I disconnected (removed hot glue) X,Y,E, reconnected and it worked as expected.

  3. Hey, Can you try printing another file even if it’s just a test file? This might help narrow it down as to whether it’s the printer or the file.

  4. Nature's Miracle, Bleach and if I need to, remove finishes, prime plywood with killz primer and put them back down... Other than pulling themselves up with their claws, her cats are relatively well behaved. Hopefully anyway.

  5. Ideally logging to something open source on a linux server. I'm a developer, so even if there isn't something similar right now as long as it's open I can make something..

  6. I'm gonna say the cap is broken. It should not look like this.

  7. No. Metal moves a bit but won't really unscrew... I have changed bulbs with many lights in other houses but they didnt have that clip. I wonder if this is one of those LED lights that don't have user replaceable bulbs?

  8. If it's attached, try turning the whole glass shade. If it's not attached, I'm thinking it's just was installed super tight or it is always possible it has issue with the threads. These things are "hand tighten", should not be so hard.

  9. AT61 says:

    Check out Habitat for Humanity Restore or other architectural salvage place - A friend of mine recently got a steal on solid cherry cabinets there.

  10. I should specify that they pretty much need to be new - mainly because I need specific sizes and it's nearly impossible to get those at habitat (although I do like getting other things from them.)

  11. Reolink cameras use an internal SD card to record to. Access is by web or app on your phone. They support rtsp so they can connect with apps like blueiris.

  12. You could pick a camera which supports the "ONVIF" standard, and then use an open source ONVIF client library to interact with the camera from a server in your internal network.

  13. I’ve heard good things about

  14. Looks good and exactly what I want... hopefully others will have first hand experiences with it that they can share. Thanks!

  15. A fifth wheel setup like a Mack truck might make for easier need to redesign the wheel totally maybe add some brushes or a plug in the kingpin so as it latches there can be a com or power connection that lifts the landing gear if the traditional trailer design is used.

  16. Fair, but, it's good to start with something as a base first in some instances. I was hoping for a site that had more filter options specifically for "mechanical parts" or other components so I don't have to browse through a ton of items that aren't relevant to what I want if I don't know a search term.

  17. You are right, they are called "Image Moments" (and not momentums, I was verbatim translating them from my mothertongue). Here you can check more information:

  18. So at this point I have my code able to detect multiple (cleaned up) objects and iterate through each of them, and give me the xy of the center point for the object and other information, thank you.

  19. Sure, and it's pretty easy at this point. The polygon approximation function gives what you need:

  20. Thank you! Just curious - if I wanted to recognize more arbitrary complex shapes, how would I do that with computer vision? Just manual calculations based on the vertices etc. of the polygons after the pre-processing you suggested? What available methods/algorithms are there to do that with custom objects w/o using machine learning?

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