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  1. To the UFC, they’re the Expendables

  2. Wasn't trying to do that. I just pasted a stay puft face on because I liked the mouth.

  3. Its ok im asian. Not offended i thought this was a very nicely done. Also kind of funny since it was unintentional.

  4. It seems that you haven't done a thorough research when you went here. There are millions of tourists here and most of them have trouble free visits. I have been traveling for many years and most of the issues you have raised can be avoided if you have done due diligence.

  5. Yea its weird it wasnt just one scam, but fell victim to all sorts of scams.

  6. other badges were people like one direction, justin bieber and shrek

  7. Looks like elizabeth berkley from showgirls movie. Shes from saved by the bell.

  8. God, I want a spam sandwich so bad right now.

  9. For those who havent tried it yet, spam and rice will change your life.

  10. Same here, my son in 2 and yet to speak. He doesn’t answer to his name or interact. He’s happy in his own little world. It hurts and day to day it’s lonely because I have no one to talk to, I left my career to look after him full time as I don’t like the idea of him going to daycare when he can’t communicate in any way. It’s nice to be reminded to run our own race and I’ve not failed him.

  11. My 2 year old is the same. I liken him to a cat because he ignores me when I call him. And we know his hearing is fine because he comes running when he hears cocomelon playing. Weve been seeing a speech therapist and I think its been helping. The words have been slowly making a quick appearance. We’re still waiting for him to blossom into a little person we can talk to. The sad part is waiting and longing for it. I highly recommend getting a little help. 30 minutes to an hour each week of a professional interacting with your child and practicing communication is a valuable experience.

  12. Acid isn’t addictive. If you can resist needing to get a coffee three times a day every day, you definitely got nothing to worry about. Take a break from your conscious mind.

  13. As a person who does not meditate. I think its quite the opposite. I am breezing through life with my semi conscious mind. Its only once in a while when i focus and my mind is entirely conscious does the world come to a standstill and I get to experience the here and now.

  14. The Muskites are a minority religion on Planet Mars. They emerged out of the Genetic Enhancement Movement, altering human capacities to make them more suitable to the local atmosphere. The group adheres to interpretations of writings of Elon Musk on the computer network platform Twitter, which existed in the years 35-58 After Elon. While smaller in numbers, the group is said to wield strong influence in both Mars Congress as well as the Mars Terraforming Committee. Shown here are Muskite architecture, uniforms, local festivities and customs.

  15. Just weird because I was the only other person who knew and they didn't close for several hours after her appointment

  16. Looks like Korean gimbab, not sushi. There’s usually ham or spam in gimbab, but a hot dog is something I’ve never seen haha

  17. Sushi is the rice. Has nothing to do with whether what's on top of/wrapped in it is cooked or not.

  18. Was just jokin. How can anyone be so serious with these sad looking buffet options.

  19. Apply for cs jobs at non tech firms. You’ll make more than accountants with good job security. That being said u won’t be getting paid cs salary

  20. I thought your arm was a table and thought “this is not interesting”

  21. Why is it that as people get disconnected from reality, they tilt to the right?

  22. I think you answered your question. That is where reality disconnects.. to my right. And my right is your left.

  23. She is a 60 years old romanian chemist working in US (fuel cells).

  24. I doubt if most young millenials have seen or enjoyed monty python. The casual monty python reference makes me suspicious.

  25. So many questions…cooling a no bake? Using an oven for its opposite intended purpose? Breakfast pizzas said as if that’s a normal thing? Who are you

  26. Also why are the cookies the size of plates. Or is that a normal thing for breakfast pizza folk.

  27. But do you know the words to “we know the way” ? Ive tried to learn it after hearing it over and over. But i couldnt get past the first line of that native language.

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