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  1. No it is not. Squirting is urine. The bladder gets stimulated a lot during good sex, and urine escapes during orgasm for some people, or its faked.

  2. Yes it is. Squirting is urination.

  3. it’s not. if you pissed on a bed it would smell like urine. squirting has a far different scent. it shares some of the same properties as urine, and urine would be in squirt to some degree depending on how full the bladder is, but it’s not just pee. the skene’s glands emit a substance as well

  4. This is gonna make me an ass, but I'm curious. Judging by that unnaturally protruding corner of your jaw, did you fall for that mewing conspiracy?

  5. i exfoliate my lips with a toothbrush and an oil like coconut oil but if they are painful that might not be the route for you, just wanted to share what works to make mine look healthy and pink and smoother

  6. what’s big enough? i’ve been offered 5k. not everyone’s about that

  7. the 6 months on pictures weren’t even snap filters? your skin looks so smooth and airbrushed!! if not, that is super incredible but you look very lovely! womanhood looks incredible on you

  8. Annoyed me with one that grabbed my dick through my pants for a few seconds to get a private room.

  9. use a scalpel and get all that white stuff off

  10. Reverie makes it seem fantasistical. I believe it'll be soon but not too soon. My intention of the definition was that of celebratory purpose.

  11. you can just admit that you were mistaken, no shame in it

  12. yeah i just wanted the guy that said she does prostitution to acknowledge that he was spewing bs

  13. lovey, sweets, bunny, daddy, sweetpea, pumpkin pie

  14. you look like you’ve got quite a ways to go, unless you can’t take it i would be relentless with SA. also maybe give a break if it’s a literal angry wound but they seem to grow back rapidly and with vengeance so i would be diligent if i were you

  15. what is the relevance of warts? i don’t see any so i’m just genuinely curious. you look lovely though :)

  16. i believe he meant lactose! not baby laxatives and he meant immunity, he’s just quite dumb lol

  17. Unless your in SEA heroin is brown or tan. That’s a shot of fent judging by your prior Midwest comments.

  18. ah i see. so in the rules it says h can be white, would it not pull up clear? but yeah i am midwest


  20. i order it so i’m not exactly sure where it comes from or how you’d label it by numbers, even. thanks for clarifying though!

  21. off topic but you have like the prettiest lips ever!

  22. i’d say you definitely need more context, does she feel remorse?, what brought her to cheating? etc. “once a cheater, always a cheater” is complete and utter bullshit. i cheated once because i dated someone that used to beat me day in day out and accuse me of cheating, when i would try to leave he would break into my house, threaten the lives of me, my family, and even my dog. i was desperate to find a way to make him dislike me. that’s the only time i ever did it and i would definitely say i was pushed to it and even when i broke up with him he’d say “if i can’t have you, no one can” so context matters

  23. a lot of these responses were unnecessary but OP wishing people to OD and a lot of other things you said were truly fucked up. just ignore the negativity, if there’s one thing you can expect it’s for redditors to have no filter. i am curious though you literally said in one comment that you weren’t gonna be sick because you’re not dependent and then in another one that you are going to be sick…

  24. It's up to you, I normally wouldn't start by "hEy can i get yOu a dRink? 🤡" and go up to everyone doing the same thing, If we had fun and made out for a while then sure it makes sense, But it's not gonna be the FIRST thing i'd say. well the places that you'd have to do this are a huge waste of money anyway, You won't find your gf on a bar or a club, it's mostly for a ons.

  25. where in my comment did i mention starting with that? i was just saying that a lot of girls would sense after conversing for some time, a guy being uber reluctant to buy a drink until he feels he might get lucky. i’ve also been out and a man send drinks to me and my friends, i found the no pressure, chill/mysterious energy of that to be intriguing at times.

  26. The first comment mentioned starting with that and I disagreed, but yeah sure offering a drink makes sense, but anyway the clubs/bars aren't mostly places for a real relationship, they're there either for a ons with a 8.5/10+, or to get attention, reject guys and get free drinks.

  27. well i was just saying in general, and that can be largely the case but with the right two people coming together, anything is possible. i met my boyfriend at a bar. if you don’t want a ons then just remain firm on that. eventually there’s a good chance you’ll come across someone that feels the same

  28. Keep it moist but not too moist. Absolutely don't let it dry out. Once it is healed, use sunscreen religiously so that the hyperpigmentation won't worsen.

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