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  1. Black, hard plastic, round thing. I googled MM Plastic, and it looks like they produce lots of black, hard plastic, round things, but I can’t find this one.

  2. Transplants finding love in Portland, lmfao I hate it here

  3. That’s pretty dramatic (and off topic) considering you’re likely bitching about the wrong Portland.

  4. 42-51 (almost). I don't have 47 or 49... I'd love to have 47 and 49 if anyone has them though!

  5. Looks like 46 uploaded weird. Here's 46:

  6. Is the lower part / stem (part where it becomes white/brown) of the plant soft or hard? If it’s soft the rot has taken over. If it’s hard it can regrow roots, just pot it in an airy soil mix with a lot of perlite so it doesn’t get too wet when watering. I’ve also had success with putting the lower part in water (daily water change and constantly removing soft parts) .. good luck!

  7. It’s still pretty firm, so I’ll give it a go! Thank you!

  8. Trim the oldest outer leaves to reduce the amount of water uptake the plant needs to support them and place into soil or moss then into humidity tent. Placing it on top of a heat mat would help. Good luck!

  9. Your account may have been hacked some time in the last year and used fraudulently. The support team is being deliberately cagey, because they don't know if you're you or the hackers. Lyft has scaled back their support team quite a bit, so you probably got a short answer, because "Sittie" has an overflowing inbox. You could try responding to the e-mail for more info, but you're probably better off just starting a new account. Also: check your bank statement for any Lyft charges in the last year-and-a-half.

  10. Thank you for your thoughtful reply! I'll dig into my credit card statements now. I'm unsure if I can create a new account without getting a new phone number, though, which seems like an excessive way to try to get a new account. Ugh.

  11. Yep. I used the chat option in the app to open up a ticket, they forwarded it to whomever, and that's the email I received. Screenshots here:

  12. I thank Dateline and 20/20 for the rule my mom had for me: No sleepovers at houses that had dads.


  14. If you don't mind my asking, is it under the bottom left flower? It's a very well done cover, I can't tell.

  15. I would 100% pay a hooker for a head rub.

  16. Viserion and Rhaegal- nothing 2 45-minute walks a day and Cesar Millan couldn't handle.

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