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  1. Skin type: Oily, Acne-prone, & dehydrated.

  2. omg you were saying WNRP for almost everything and I wanted to know your opinion in the No.3 serum and I was like "please be, WRP, please be WRP". And it was!! Actually, better than a simple WRP. So very very excited to try No.3 serum, I have so many expectations. Hopefully it suits my skin. Thanks for your feedback, looking forward for more reviews from you because we have similar skin and really enjoy the way you do reviews!!

  3. Your sooo lucky, I’m having trouble with my stylevana order . You got some great stuff tho.

  4. Same. It have been stuck in "processing" (I don't know if in English it's like that, in Spanish is basically "processing") for a month now WTH. I will send Stylevana an email on Monday but idk how to contact them either

  5. I ordered on Saturday last week and their site broke lol. So it could be a issue on their end. I contacted them via email for UK.

  6. literally same, when I paid there was an error so I had to to wait a few hours to purchase again. Thankfully they didn't charge me anything but I might think this could be the issue... Idk, hopefully we can have them in some weeks time because Im so excited for my order

  7. Haven't tried it but what a cute countertop!

  8. You know when we write over here WRP? Yeah, my dumbass thought it was Would RePeat. Love being stupid lmao

  9. (Skin type: NW15/NW20, combination and dehydrated skin, Mediterranean climate)

  10. Cleansing first with oily micellar water or a balm, rinsing it well, dry patting it anddddd then adding on dry skin my second cleanser. I really like this method, I feel my pores get cleansed better that with damp skin.

  11. I just brought iUniks Beta Glucan serum, excited to use it and see how it goes. I've read that many people had problems with snail mucin (CC, texture, etc) so I was a bit scared to use it because of this

  12. I made yesterday a purchase to Stylevana. I bought many toners too, just to back up. I was going to by the haruharu wonder because stylevans gave me a sample and I loved it and I wanted a full size but it told me at check out that it was sold out daaaammmmn.

  13. Oh no :D I basically bought that one because the purito unscented centella serum was sold out. What did you like about the haruharu toner? I'm not sure yet when I'll introduce it into my routine

  14. For me it was very soothing and hydrating. It has kind of a sticky sensation that I don't mind because I pat it away. I could perfectly go without anything else to bed because it plumps my face really nicely (although I just add with this haruharu wonder toner the patting thing so I don't know if its the toner itself or the way I'm applying toners now lmao).

  15. I keep things in a bunch of carts everywhere but this is sooo much better, thanks for the inspiration :)

  16. That's something I'm going to introduce, you are right. At the end, I feel like I have very similar products that target the same thing. I'll add some kind of distinction to it.

  17. OMG yesterday I did a Stylevana purchase and bought the numbuzin n.3, plus many other things, and was about to buy too the Illiyoon lotion. I removed it because I thought it was going to be too much hydration for me now that hot days and nights are about to come (although I'm combination and dehydrated skin... hope I don't regret it. But I know I'll buy it for fall and winter).

  18. It came with a perfume as a gift! I've been investigating and you can find it with the name of "zipper bag", "wire frame pouch", "zipper wire frame bag".

  19. Why does stylevana says you can buy it in their website but it's no where to be found? Talking about Stylevana EU.

  20. Before: make Michelle Phan skincare DIYs. Please... don't be harsh. I must say I didn't do the cat litter mask

  21. Hi there! I am so sorry to hear. You are suffering and you want to end this because it's too painful but killing yourself is not what you want. I can help you to eliminate that feeling using hypnotherapy. Let me know if you are interested in booking a call with me. My name is Marina, I'm a hypnotherapist and I would like to help you.

  22. Thank you so much for your words. I will look up for hypnotherapy, maybe you are right and it could help. Many thanks ❤️

  23. I'm going through the same thoughts at the moment. It's so hard but I make myself keep going so I don't hurt anyone else. And my cat Luna, are the only things that keep me going. You only need one thing no matter how small that you like to build on the more you build the less those thoughts happen.

  24. I hope you are doing okay now. I wish you the best, people that think the way we do deserve so much better. And I really know we will have better eventually. We just need to keep going ❤️

  25. That depends how you duplicate. shift D or Alt D. It seems you duplicate linked.

  26. I will keep in mind this and see if it makes a difference using one or another.

  27. If you have linked objects created with alt-d then they can have different locations but the mesh is always the same.

  28. I don't know why but when I save the file, close and re open everything is normal. No parent-like movements... quite weird. I will investigate more once I have time.

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