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Gomez Addams: husband goals

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  1. The fuck is wrong with him? I’d sooner divorce over this kind of grossness than actual cheating.

  2. Addams family needs to do a crossover with Bobs burgers. We need more shows with married couples who are still wildly in love. They’re both there for each other through everything.

  3. I came to the comments for this! Bob probably doesn’t worship Linda in quite the same way, but they both support one another despite their obvious flaws, without resentment or belittling. Bob’s relationship with Gene I also find really important and touching as an example of how a man should raise a son outside of machismo toxic masculinity BS.

  4. Hi, my name is Yo-Landi fokken Vi$$er. Fight, fight, fight!

  5. My daughter did this also. Have you made sure the flow of the nipple is not too slow for her? I had to have my daughter in a dark room with no distractions for her to want her bottle when she started acting that way. After doing that for a while, she started taking them normal again but always ask her pediatrician. If your really concerned you could just call and ask them.

  6. I was going to comment these exact two things as well - had the same issue with all three of my kids.

  7. We drink about 6L of sparkling water a day - definitely worth it for us in both cost and waste. We use a 20lb CO2 tank so it is super duper cheap.

  8. Don’t forget denying LGBTQ+ children subsidized lunch programs.

  9. I WFH as a client services director and recently had a client request a zoom instead of a phone call, and then tell me “you can unblur your background if you want.” Me: “I don’t.”

  10. Bummed! Big fan of the spicy ChKing. Maybe it’s my BK, but they were always fantastic.

  11. My now husband and I went out to breakfast once and I ordered so much food the old waitress made fun of me (to be clear: a small stack of blackberry and oat pancakes, some scrambled eggs, and bacon.)

  12. I loved shark week as a kid in the 90s! It was way more like documentaries back then.

  13. Gonna have to find whatever machine kicks her ass out the door.

  14. Obviously it's awful just watching it without the sound.

  15. I more or less never watch videos with sound to begin with (sensory thing), but I am DEFINITELY NOT watching this with sound. The comments describing it are enough to make me cringerecoil.

  16. I am so weirded out by the fact that it’s a full-on STAGE. Like, isn’t it enough that it’s up the little steps onto the… whatever, regular little church stage area? They had to an uber-stage?

  17. I bet if you do inclusion/discrimination training you deal with that kind of butthurt person all the time.

  18. Wow. So I’m not the only one in my 30s with a mom who acts like I’m completely incapable of managing my life and caring for my family. 🙃

  19. I am 35, haven’t lived at home since I was 20. I lived alone in a foreign country for a year at 21. I own my own house, I have THREE children.

  20. Oh man, we also just got a puppy. My mom told me what a big responsibility it is, what with having three kids already, and our garden, and my job.

  21. When my mom had me, a woman in a nearby room had twins, last name Cloudy.

  22. I mean, realistically, it could be just an awkward picture of two people who weren't allowed to touch before, and now have to kiss in front of hundreds of people, but why in heavens would anyone post that?

  23. Yeah, I am here. I am an awkward person, and in my wedding photos it looks like I’m trying to stop my husband kissing me. I was actually laughing and warning him about lipstick, but also just feeling awkward.

  24. Or on foster children. Fucking Pro-life garbage don’t give two shits about kids.

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