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Croatia [1] - 1 Brazil - Bruno Petkovic 117'

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While on his deathbed and unable to speak due to laryngeal cancer, English writer/philosopher Aldous Huxley made a written request for his wife to inject him with 100 micrograms of LSD. She obliged, and injected him with 2 doses, each one hour apart. He went out that same day during an LSD trip…

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  1. As a Christian, I can tell you that this "love" is far from conditional.

  2. As an integral part of our Christian witness, we should also continue to show love and offer empathetic help to those with same-sex attractions or who are in homosexual relationships, as a visible sign of God’s love and concern for them. Finally, let us never cease to offer our earnest prayers for this small nation-state that we call home.

  3. Overpriced, no one rates him at all lol

  4. I rate him. Hope he stays at Man Utd for a long time.

  5. As others said - ETA a lot means Edited To Add at the end of a reddit comment.

  6. IANAL isn’t confusing but always makes me chuckle

  7. going against the morally correct viewpoint to justify what would be abuse or slavery otherwise?

  8. we call them paper setters where i am - the vetting failed as well.

  9. why is this even a thing? toilets have covers for a reason.

  10. would be hilarious if your name was Noel/Noelle

  11. Microsoft Activision Blizzard King

  12. you had better be prepared to watch your phone get repaired... and please go somewhere that has good reviews and not too cheap.

  13. you should stop perusing certain websites of a particular sort then, ha!

  14. yeah Gen X here, it's pretty much the whole gen gap issue - just as with fashion, music, trends and whatnot.

  15. He deleted it when he was called out for plagiarism

  16. Should go moms page and make noise haha


  18. He’s a doctor n has a daily regime or sth that’s keeping him healthy, his self discipline regarding health is probably the only thing I respect.

  19. Greed is what keeps this stain on Malaysia going - truly an avatar of human avarice

  20. He's the biggest and baddest crook of them all.

  21. Truly a man with vision and what a woman he married

  22. Got reason why army intelligence is an oxymoron

  23. another breakfast, another poop.

  24. I don’t think it’s worth it making a police report for me. As you said, the best case is just an misunderstanding and the worse case is that it gets worse for me.

  25. catharsis and closure is important. hope you find yours soon bro.

  26. I did that to a co-worker recently. We're sales reps and talk a lot over the phone and with her extra years of experience I see her as a mother figure in my life.

  27. if shes fond of you at all, it's a massive compliment. My mom totally dotes on this colleague of my brother (he's all alone here with family far away) and my dad gets totally green and purple about it.

  28. green with envy, purple with jealousy. english is a weird language haha

  29. Or you can go the Stones route. Do fuck all for years. Make a couple of tackles in a season. Get a big payout moving to an oil club, and watch your bank account sky rocket.

  30. i mean if i was a player of stones calibre id do the same, no brainer. glad vvd isnt cut from the same cloth

  31. im not really casting aspersions on his ability - id do the same if i were in his position thats all

  32. Everybody is now gearing up for Taiwan. With the lessons learned from Ukraine, procurement in over 50 countries is going through the roof. The US is increasing production by up to 6 times for consumables like ammo, projectiles and fuel storage. HIMARs is on every shopping list along with drones for air, land and sea. Major upgrade programs will massively increase the risk for future belligerents

  33. everyone looking for a reason to blow the CCCP into smithereens if they try anything funny lol

  34. I get what your saying, but the difference is that Germany has admitted to the war crimes they committed, but Japan has only ever given half assed apologies for what they did in China during World War 2

  35. why don't you pull up Mongolia and however many % of Genghis Khan's descendants and put them on the stand for mass genocide while you're at it?

  36. got real cheeky at the end there

  37. I get a couple of these calls a week; I just have fun with them. It's very clear they are not official.

  38. i made the one i spoke with this morning repeat her spiel to me in both english and mandarin twice before i called her bluff and hung up..


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