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  1. It's an antler. A spike buck

  2. Located in MD if it helps. My area really only has whitetail deer and I’ve never seen one with funky antlers like this so I’m not sure if this was one. The other antler is just a tiny nub

  3. I think it’s in poor taste to share this. This person has just had their world turned upside down by a murderer and they should be allowed to grieve how they want to without people making their expression of grief into an example.

  4. Came here to say the same thing. Ffs, let’s not turn this subreddit into

  5. Usually a cross-taper, but follow the advice of your psychiatrist. Prozac has a long half-life, so it stays in your system for a longer time compared to other SSRIs. Transition can beI somewhat smoother allowing for a more abrupt switch.

  6. I draw and paint because the world is going to shit, it’s how I cope. I turn my anger and frustration into ideas for my work. That’s the most I can do. The world is out of my control.

  7. There was no trigger for me, I just always had it. I got put on medication by the time I was 8 or so I believe.

  8. Yeah I’ve been there, sorry you’re feeling like shit OP. I’ve given myself nosebleeds from crying so hard before lol

  9. I feel that. The webcomic I’ve been working on is what motivates me to keep going some days. It’s good to have something.

  10. Hey, I've been writing/drawing a webcomic too! Tho mine's not fully developed yet. Is yours posted anywhere?

  11. Sorry for the late response! As of now not yet but hopefully soon enough lol

  12. It’s just a sort of intense craving for me. I always start to miss the rush I get from sh’ing after going a while without it. Not much different from other addictions I imagine.

  13. love how he told her to just stop....totally the best way to cure someone's mental illness and addiction smh

  14. If you are getting nasty pm’s please see this post for more info

  15. ily automod. The spots where I sh’d feel weirdly warm rn I forget if this is normal or not

  16. I am 22. And I think my biggest problem right now is not knowing what direction to go in life, and when I do decide a path it leads me into more problems like debt, heart break, misunderstandings, and feeling worthless and unaccomplished . Umm I have family who I feel the need to break free from, I feel I’ve always been in everyone else’s shadows since I was young. I have no idea who I am, what I stand for, and I don’t have healthy relationships at all. I want to work on this but it makes me uncomfortable or uneasy to talk to people at all. I always feel like I’m a bother, no one understands me, or I’m not worth their time to listen to. Ive always felt out of place and I’ve always been trying to find my people that gets me and people that opens my mind to differences. When im not at work I spend every waking moment on social media, when deep down I feel like im supposed to be doing something bigger or greater.

  17. 19 and completely relate. I feel immeasurably guilty for still leeching off my parents who are getting up there in age. They work hard to support me and my siblings and I feel like I need to be doing more but my mental health has prevented me from doing that. No amount of therapy or meds seems to help and they’ve been incredibly patient with me. Honestly I don’t feel deserving of them at all. I want to get my shit together and get out of their house and figure out what to do with my life but I’ve got no clue how. All of this is to say you’re not alone in this and I wish you the best.

  18. They covered the nose with apoxie sculpt and then textured it over. The cracking and chipping could’ve been caused by a few things, has it been in and out of hot and cold temperatures? Such as a storage unit? Heat and/or very low temps can cause the apoxie to crack like that

  19. I just looked around my room and lo and behold, I didn’t realize the ceiling heat vent is angled at this guy. I don’t know what else it could’ve been, so I’m guessing that. Thank you a ton for pointing out the temperature thing. I wasn’t aware of Apoxie sculpt being weak to temperature changes so you may have just saved a bunch of my other projects.

  20. It looks like paint chipping off of Apoxie sculpt like other guy said. Should be able to airbrush it black again and maybe use a gloss sealant to protect it.

  21. If you are getting nasty pm’s please see this post for more info

  22. I love you automod. My therapist always recommends distracting myself which is how I’ve made it this far but I still hate dealing with this on a regular basis. It really doesn’t do much in terms of getting sh off my mind, just keeps me from hurting myself. It’s impossible to fully drown out and I always end up giving in sooner or later. My clean streak seems to max out at like a year at the longest then I fuck it up and have to start again.

  23. I can’t imagine it was easy working with such a small animal. Awesome job!

  24. also therapy for today got cancelled so fuck me I guess

  25. If you are getting nasty pm’s please see this post for more info

  26. I love you automod I am going to hang out with friends to try and distract myself

  27. A friend let me use her vape a while ago. Asked if I could again a month or so later but she doesn’t let me touch it anymore. Yeah I can’t even be mad lol.

  28. This is super similar to mine lmao. I love Radiohead and NIN. Have you listened to any crywank?

  29. I’m guessing you’re not familiar with vulture culture? I like to collect and clean bones to keep around as decor and use as art refs. I’m not comfortable hunting or killing anything so I just take whatever I can find as long as it’s already dead. Decided I’m not taking anything from this particular dump site unless I get cleared to since it’s shady as hell though.

  30. A somewhat less nefarious option - could also be a roadkill dump site. Any other critters mixed in?

  31. I sometimes see shadow people out the corners of my eye, apparently it can be tied to Severe Depression and Anxiety bwaha

  32. That’s good to know. During my last semester of college when I was dealing with high stress/sleep deprivation/bad mental health I used to see these things a ton. I thought I was going crazy a couple times lmao

  33. My favorite is the one where a big dude gets stabbed with a knife and no one could tell because his fat covered up the knife.

  34. Not only that but the knife penetrated him so deep that feces came out of the wound. At least that’s what I was taught. My teachers loved those gross details.

  35. That’s actually hilarious. One of these days I wanna compile a whole collection of the most brutal bible verses I can find and put them over pretty nature photos like this lmao.

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