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Alex Roca Campillo becomes the first person with a 76% physical disability to finish a marathon

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  1. I have both. I was told that being autistic and nobody noticing (until last year, I was 38) will have 100% have been a contributing factor to developing BPD.

  2. What’s acronym. Sorry I’m not American I don’t understand much

  3. Obviously. The acronym was in the link I gave you that you evidently didn’t look at. Whatever game you’re playing it’s not funny

  4. Well I didn’t like to say that but not disagreeing with you!

  5. If there is a by-election as a result of a recall petition I wonder if the other parties might decide to back a single independent anti-corruption candidate, like Martin Bell against Neil Hamilton in 1997.

  6. I think the government might object

  7. I used to run a lot in my twenties. Used to joke that I’d swapped SH for distance running because it hurt like fuck afterwards yet gave you an endorphin rush and was a strangely appealing activity.

  8. You need to get “someone of standing in the community” to endorse (“I hereby certify that this Ida true likeness of no-wrangler-7652”) a couple of recent passport photos of yourself.

  9. He’s an adult. He’s not really only 12

  10. And for the majority of us not living in America…

  11. Genuinely curious why you’ve (only) picked ADHD and BPD for the options?

  12. Borderline Personality disorder only has one cause, abuse in childhood. It is literally impossible to get any other way. If you were told you had BPD it's probably because someone lied to you.

  13. My parents definitely weren’t abusive. Misinformed and unsupported themselves, maybe, they got some key things wrong but not for for want if trying I’m sure. It definitely wasn’t abusive though.

  14. Yeah we did this one last week sometime

  15. Sorry, given the health problems associated with cannabis (just been reading the wiki page on that), I got confused because it appears it also has a negative effect on liver, brain, stomach, cannabis smoke is carcinogenic, and so on…and that’s a soft drug.

  16. What would you say in response to "we don't want to label you, it won't be helpful - I know that you want clarity but it's something we can't provide, you could have an assortment of diagnosis due to trauma along with ASD".

  17. I’m not sure what to suggest I’m afraid, as I said pretty much what you did, that I needed a word so that I could name it and understand it and learn about it. And that I needed to understand why I’m like this. And that depression/anxiety doesn’t cover any of it. You can’t fix a problem without knowing what it is. That said I wasn’t expecting them to tell me it’s EUPD, I’d expected them to humour me and say it’s cPTSD or something (which would probably fit, to be fair).

  18. Got diagnosed about an hour ago. My therapist said a lot of people don't identify it until later in life in your 40s. Ironically this is the one thing I was hoping it wouldn't be. More than anything I'm scared of the stigma and what others might think of me if I told them.

  19. I wouldn’t worry too much about what others think, it’s up to you who knows, right? I told my boss (in 2021) because we’re quite open as supportive of each other in terms of MH issues. And if I need time off for therapy it’s best she knows it’s more than just depression and anxiety. And I trust her not to tell anyone else. As she put it, if I was diagnosed with Bipolar then people wouldn’t be that bothered, so why should BPD be any different?

  20. yeah how do i find that out? it seems like every oneof these posts people have their % and i have never been told anything near that, the closest i have come is the point system in wheelchair sports

  21. People make it up because it looks better and gets them more fake internet points

  22. Wrong. Countries other than America exist and some of them use a percentage system do discern how disabled someone is.

  23. I’m not American but never mind. I was wrong though admittedly

  24. Should be fine. They can’t not employ you because of your mental health issues, given the interview proves you can do the job and assuming you aren’t currently incapacitated by your MH.

  25. Very specific question lol “last Thursday/Friday listening to nothing but tunnel of love on repeat” lol

  26. FFS. What sort of music fan are you? ;)

  27. Oh really? And you want people here to be sympathetic to you?

  28. Sorry I don’t debate with bigots.

  29. I’m wondering if I’m being silly wanting to mark the occasion haha at the very least I did but myself a pair of heeled sandals to try out now that I’m walking somewhat without any brace! I used to love high heels and my step dad infamously told me to give up on ever wearing heels again so wearing a pair on the year mark just seems like the right call

  30. Totally agree with the idea of proving people wrong when they say you won’t/can’t do something again. Kept me going for many years.

  31. Personally I’d be first in line to drink the cure. Each to their own of course.

  32. Yes, it applies to you and anyone else working in the NHS from band 1 upwards.

  33. It everyone working in the NHS is onAfC

  34. Why would it only have banned hitting disabled kids?

  35. Do you mean £1 notes or just £any notes?

  36. Fuckers refused to refund me £300 all because I lost my pop card during the pandemic so I've stopped using it

  37. Why should they refund you if you lost it?

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