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  1. Seriously people who call the LGBT pedo’s end up being the actual pedo’s.

  2. They condemn drag story hour but not kiddy beauty pageants, inherently more provocative

  3. Maybe it’s just me, but I love the sound they make at high speeds (like 100+ mph). Other than that though, I can’t say that I’ll miss too much about them.

  4. The same reason I miss the 5000-series on the Washington Metro. The gentle whining sound.

  5. The blueberry in Sheldon's nose was one of the cringiest lines in the whole series

  6. Amsterdam must be a hell hole for them with the amount of bicycle infrastructure and the NS railway system that puts Amtrak to shame.

  7. There are plans to use them as sidings for S-stock trains

  8. Speaking of which, does Moorgate have selective door opening?

  9. I'm afraid our government doesn't want to do any of the practical solutions like reforming wages and the economy or having more affordable housing and mental Healthcare. Not while they've taking legalized bribes. Just band aid solutions, kicking the can down the road

  10. Maybe to avoid confusion with the old 168th street terminal in Jamaica?

  11. Can you install concrete barricades that rise up from under the road when the light goes red? ;)

  12. I barely read any of that. I'll just add a reminder that probably most people who harm children escape any criminal "justice" and that abolishing prison for pedophiles means abolishing it for anyone that confronts them.

  13. What do you think should be done to pedophiles who don't actually molest children though?

  14. Probably monitoring or some kind of guardianship to make sure they really aren't hurting any kids. As long as they submit to such a program they should probably be entitled to some protection.

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