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  1. That has got to be the straightest-passing leather-daddy bar in America

  2. The answer is “no”, the messican will never leave her lifestyle to move to teggsus.

  3. It’s probably an issue with buffer size on whatever interface or asio you are using. smaller buffer is less latency, more chance for stutter. Large buffer is more latency, less chance for stutter. Mine does it too sometimes and give me the “unexpected buffer size” error, it’s more like an alert though not really an error. It’s related to VST plugins and the interface console or something getting out of sync, not really sure. It’s hard to trouble shoot for me because I use a UAD interface but also headphones correction softwares, both can cause latency and in the case of the correction it can also cause phase issues/ringing artifacts etc on playback. Neither effect rendering.

  4. Eddies time has not passed in AEW. He is one of their top stars. But i do agree he is the best promo in ROH right now. Either way get that man a world title!

  5. I don’t think Tony will ever ever book him to win a world title entirely based on how he looks, not on how he cuts promos and connects to the crowd. He should beat Orange Cassidy at least, that title is kinda stale imo

  6. I just tend to not believe anything that comes from tiny villages and word of mouth etc, especially from a long time ago. It’s usually just BS.

  7. Schaub has the worst cases of cauliflower ear I’ve seen. It’s way worse than actual lifelong grapplers who got it naturally. And even those guys will usually fix their ears after they retire.

  8. Honestly Randy Cooter and Kawsushi Sakerbera are way way worse. Hell, sakuraba got his fuckin ear ripped off Mick Foley style in a fight it was so bad. Brendles are bad but I’ve seen all lotta people with ones like that or even worse and it’s just guys who train BJJ for a long time.

  9. It was Marius yea lol, and yea it was still attached, barely.

  10. Dude there are pictures on the IG showing white belts in the same classes as colored belts.

  11. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a school anywhere that literally forbids any whitebelts from ever rolling with colored belts, no matter the circumstances. Shit it’s more common to see kids colored belts, even grey whites, in adult classes lol.

  12. Did some back of the napkin math and I've got about 1400 mat hours so far and I can't remember a single instance where there were no white belts or I was the only white belt on the mat.

  13. Maybe Rener’s school only allows people to roll once they are blue belts, I don’t know. I’ve heard of something like that and it was clearly an anomaly, more like an aberration imo lol. I could see it being feasible if you have like 100 whitebelts on the mats at all times or something. I don’t think it would help their progress tho to force them into whitebelt wars for 2 years lol but what do I know. Where I train a lot of times there are more blue purple brown black etc than whitebelts, but I know a lot of places aren’t like that. We are small and have trained with each other forever and always get high level people dropping in from around town (I’m in Austin)

  14. Mark, you can't make me laugh and then make me cry like that. You can't be this good of a human being.

  15. Dudes really are the best at keepin it real. Sure, they both gimmick it up in promos etc, it’s still TV. But anything I’ve ever seen of them, or heard of them, in “real life” just shows they are both down to earth genuine bros. Reminds me of some of the people I grew up with, we never had shit and yes we were pissed lol but also would do anything for anyone. You can guarantee Mark is stopping to help someone change a tire literally everytime he sees it lol

  16. The worst part is I know Pauly is mediocre… but a couple of his movies are my childhood faves. I love the weasel.

  17. I don’t know a lot about Paulie but he seems harmless enough and didn’t seem to take himself too serious. Hell, I don’t know, maybe he does sit around talking about being a modern day fillofficer speaking the hard truefs for all the civilians like the rest. He just didn’t seem like it lol, how serious can you take yourself when you make a masterpiece like Encino Man?

  18. She’s been criminally underated forever. When she got cut from WWE it made absolutely no sense to me. Of all the people to release they pick her. She looks fuckin awesome, always. And she looks bad ass when she wrestles. I just don’t get it. TK was wasting her too imo but this turn around has been so good.

  19. I start every roll in the fetal position lol. To get a partner I stay in that position and raise my hand. I’m just being efficient.

  20. when he tried it on JWP he literally whiffs air then walks directly on to a stiff arm. It wasn't even a jab, just an arm straight out and Joe still walks on it.. Im sure most people look like shit sparring JWP but joe looks especially shitty. clearly they are light sparring and not actually throwing anything but Joe has absolutely nothing to offer.

  21. that dude is built like a fire hydrant lol, hand him a pickaxe and send him home to the mines.

  22. As a big MMA/combat sports fan this was hard to watch.

  23. the spot with the repeated kicks like doing a warm up on a bag always drives me nuts. Janai Kai does it too. Its just has zero power on it lol.

  24. How about Punk just doesn't internalize and brood and lash out

  25. Yea, the thing is with people that do that if its not one thing its another. They look for reasons to be resentful and will find them. Every perceived slight, no matter how small, is approached as a life or death thing. You can't actually apologize and move on with someone who thinks like this because they don't really accept it. They hold it as more proof the world is out to get them and still keep their resentments against you, just even more righteously. You just proved them "right". If you are their favorite you can do no wrong. If not, youre an enemy.

  26. Damn I know I'm a nobody but this guy is, like, not good at BJJ huh. Also the feet pattering across the mat to get the knew angle is wild to include ahaha

  27. I’m assuming this is a rough cut draft and the final product would have that edited and have music? The sound in general is horrible on this, they really need a lot of work

  28. I like to go straight to a crucifix from there. It’s especially devastating in the gi, they are getting finished. You enter so deep when you have their arm trapped. Free straight armbar (just leverage under with kimura grip) , free collar choke or bow n arrow, Ezekiel’s, modified assassin choke if ya wanna get fancy. It’s super easy to enter the crucifix.

  29. I've never heard of this Justin Smith but I bet he's an actually really good comedian

  30. Me neither but it’s the second one of these I’ve seen him described as “brutally honest” which is usually just codeword for “fucking asshole”. Not sayin he is tho, great guy, neva meddum

  31. she's actually the most interesting part of the Outsiders story if she ends up involved in it because I have no idea where she should stand. she's got beef with both Britt and Toni, so putting her with either group could create some interesting tension.

  32. I remember watching this fight and thought that was such a badass move. Seems like a really good move to hinder your opponent, but don’t see it accomplished ever.

  33. But then why not do a legit storyline loss ? That whole sudden injury and interim champ stuff was lame.

  34. Ask Tony Khan. She wanted to lose the belt, the interim belt storyline was his idea not hers.

  35. I didn't mean that Rosa decided it. My statement was a general statement.

  36. They talked about working injured, you said well why not etc. so it seemed like it was directed towards her, a lot of people do that and it wasn't really clear.

  37. ive always been a fan since she was in MMa, I always thought she would do so much more there since her grappling is super good. She jsut seems to have the worst luck in that lol. She could be considered a legit pro wrestler too but its like she never really gets a chance to show it. AEW needs heel women bad and she is perfect for that role. They should really let her ramble insane insulting shit on the mic and just lean into it as her being an MMA meathead dumbass. Brock sucks on the mic too but he has said some funny AF shit over the years, some of it legendary lol

  38. It’s so much more embarrassing to make up a story and be a fake white belt than it is to just say “I’m an out of shape old fat piece of shit who hasnt trained in 10 years, I suck shit don’t hurt me..”

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