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This Man's Encounter With A Bald Eagle

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  1. Bald eagle looks a lot bigger than I thought, really fills out that road. Impressive!

  2. Oh yeah they have a wingspan of 6-8 feet. They just never seem that big when you see them high up in trees where they spend most of the day.

  3. These are the same dumbasses who think you can "re-implant" an ectopic pregnancy 💀

  4. They're already in your brain. You were randomly selected as a test subject for the beta hardware while you were in the hospital's nursery we a newborn. You ever have those moments where one of your ears goes deaf for a few seconds and then you hear ringing? That's the system rebooting.

  5. It was so funny when she sent out a mass email to the students bc it was like "I am resigning (27 thousand good things I did as president) *no explanation* - Kristina M Johnson"

  6. Probably like 4th of July but with more explosive related issues than usual

  7. Honestly my advice to young people these days would be to go to community college for a year or two, figure out what you like/don't like, get a lot of general reqs out of the way cheap, then transfer into a bigger university if your community college doesn't have a program you're interested in.

  8. It doesn't always work like that. Many programs require courses taken sequentially. You can't overlap them because you need the information from course A to understand course B, you need the information from course B to understand course C, and so on. It can work for some majors, but for a lot of them, there's just no way to cram in all your GEs at the beginning 2 years and then take only major courses at a 4 year university like a lot of people say you should do. You'll just be there for at least an extra year and taking filler classes for credit hours because you can't take all the major courses at once. An extra year at a 4 year college will set you back at least an extra $10k if it's a relatively cheap school and you can live with your parents and have no expenses except tuition. It works for some people, but for a lot of people it sets you back with more debt and a year less in the workforce than your peers.

  9. I'm not saying it's THE END ALL BE ALL solution. But if you don't know what you want to do yet, you're going to get set back by a WHOLE lot more than 10k by wasting time and money "exploring" and figuring out what you want to do.

  10. If you don't know what you want to do yet, you're better off just working and saving up money until you know what you want to commit to

  11. He got angry that the mother wouldn’t buy him the VR set and woke him up a half hour early. He found and took the keys to her lock box the night before. That morning he unlocked it and took the gun out. Proceeded downstairs to the basement where the mother was doing laundry.

  12. This is one of the reasons why I never want kids. There's no way to be 100% sure they won't have severe issues like this unless you just never have any. Whenever there's a school shooting, I always think about what the parents of that kid must be feeling after it happens. It's probably something you could never truly understand without it being your kid. That's always SOMEBODY'S kid. And I never want it to be mine.

  13. You have to risk having a really bad kid in order to have the chance of having a really good one.

  14. Yeah but if I have a really good kid, it doesn't necessarily mean my life improves. I have no interest in children so the risks outweigh the benefits by a lot for me.

  15. I tend to gravitate towards red flags too and I didn't understand why for a lot of years, but I've realized that it's because it's familiar to me. We're all wired to seek out familiarity. If that's what you've experienced most of your life, you can weirdly find comfort even in bad things.

  16. What are you gonna do when you want to turn your lights off

  17. Because it's brand new and they just bought the fish an hour ago. Don't worry, it'll be opaque by next week. Even sooner if the fish die before then.

  18. Well, here we go. This is the end of what legal and constitutional experts have been discussing for years on end.

  19. I love how things that majorly impact the lives of millions of Americans are decided by 9 randos we don't even get to vote for because they're appointed by presidents who may or may not even win the popular vote

  20. The only better pokemon they could have picked for the xp hour is like slowpoke tbh like that's easily a 80%+ success rate for first throw excellent throws

  21. He had nerve damage from the Botox that's why gis face is so droopy. I feel a lot of people forget Botox is injecting little bits of botulism into your face and that we have a lot of really delicate important stuff in our face...

  22. I don't remember because I fell asleep 💀 very not fun date lmao I'm glad we broke up

  23. Queensland is always 1 hour and 10 years behind lol

  24. I don’t know much about Texas, but QLD is big (you could fit Texas in there 2.5 times over), loud and hot. They tend to be more right wing than other states on average.

  25. I know it's red bean, but what's the liquid? Is it like a coffee drink? I've seen it in vending machines but never tried it

  26. Are you crazy??!!! Try it nooooowww!!! Not a coffee drink. Much more sugary.

  27. I'm not gonna be in Tokyo again until March unfortunately but I will try it then lol

  28. I'm in Columbus, and not much. Please check in later for the next Kia Boys attack 👍

  29. Looks a lot like angel wing. Angel wing is the result of a nutritionally empty diet during critical growth and development when they're young. Usually this is the result of people feeding them bread and other junk. The bones don't develop correctly and the wings become malformed like this and can't lay along the body like the should. This bird cannot fly and will never migrate. If it lives somewhere with warmer winters, or at least where the water doesn't freeze over, it might be okay. This is why we say don't feed bread to ducks and geese.

  30. Is there anything rehabbers can do for it or is it just basically a matter of time before it's coyote food

  31. Lumps aren't always an immediate cause for concern. Obviously if they're changing size or color then get it checked, but as they get old, they just get more lumps. My 12 year old has so many now. We've had cell samples taken a bunch of times and they've all just been like fatty tumors.

  32. He said that he had showered the hour prior (he did in fact, his hair was still damp) and somehow he still smelled of borderline infection and had cheese. He was also expecting to get some, hence the shower.

  33. I'm convinced the reason why men take like 2 minute showers is because they're skipping a LOT of steps. Like me washing my long hair doesn't take 10 extra minutes. Y'all just aren't washing your asses 💀

  34. OP is pet sitting for a neighbor. Let that sink in.

  35. Literally people get so aggressive without even reading the title. OP didn't do this. OP wants to help this fish and people are still attacking them.

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