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I, personally, hope every rail union goes on strike and shuts this entire nation down.

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  1. I have met a few guys who are 25 or 35 and look a LOT older and have 'daddy energy' but usually it's 45+. Also you don't get to call yourself Daddy, it's given to you.

  2. The problem with that is you're only seeing what is sent to you, not what the applicant has to do in total.

  3. As someone who was unemployed for many years - I hated this stuff.

  4. I had the same, video editor/animator by my previous trade, have an art dried up.

  5. I don't, but then again I gave up on that culture cos bearish guys who don't look the 'muscle bull' masc drag stereotype get totally pushed out the door or mocked or ignored.

  6. I think insulting people who vote to take our rights away is fair game.

  7. Honestly, it’s not that different than many black conservatives. If you look closely, many of them have a unique disdain for black people in general. Think of people like Candace Owens or Alan West. These people sell their souls for a bit of fame and notoriety. I was offered the very same opportunity in college but turned it down.

  8. They always think "that doesn't apply to ME" until it does.

  9. AND they charge for that shit! Well my local GP does. I stopped this at work when I said 'of course you'll pay for the doctor's note?'

  10. Does not shock me they charge for it disgraceful tbh, I had to get a letter from my doctor to change my gender marker on my passport I had to write it up and send it all they had to do was print it

  11. That should be free! It's just rectifying some information on your passport after all? It's incorrect, needs to be changed, crazy they charge for that.

  12. It's fairly clear from that link - basically they got the guy to sign forms that didn't include the arbitration gubbins, it was included later in a handbook given AFTER he signed. So it wasn't legal as you can't sign up to something you have no knowledge of...that's not a legal contract at all.

  13. Easy, tiger, I'm just asking because I've never seen the term folx before.

  14. Sadly you're not the first, to point out my language is 'wrong' - yes even with folx, been mocked many a time on Twitter about that.

  15. Right so because some bad man was nasty to you on Twitter, you'll lash out at anyone who asks a genuine question on reddit.

  16. My husband and I get “brothers” a lot. I think the important thing to keep in mind in these kind of interactions is that people are usually trying to express kindness and that they “see” the love/ closeness you have. Especially if you don’t appear similar there may even be an underlying attempt to show acknowledgement of: interracial families, adoption, stepparenting, etc. So the intent is inclusiveness. Different-sex age gap relationships get the same kinds of remarks, and closer together same-sex couples will often get brothers/ sisters.

  17. I am not sure it is that nice. When it's happened to us, it's stuff like people trying to talk to you while eating at a restaurant or butting in on public transport interrupting us.

  18. Hey there Jekyllhyde! If you agree with someone else's comment, please leave an upvote instead of commenting "This"! By upvoting instead, the original comment will be pushed to the top and be more visible to others, which is even better! Thanks! :)

  19. Spectrum I think is useful -I mean Kinsey talked about this in his scale - all that spectrum did was expand it to other things.

  20. Sexuality isn't that fluid. Yes orientation is a spectrum, but you cannot change your orientation willingly. It might evolve slowly over time, in fact you might discover suddenly you are say, gay or bi or pan - but you were always thus and lack of exposure or societal issues meant you didn't discover it yet.

  21. Enjoy... Just never tell a single soul you actually know about this 😂

  22. thank you for linking this, this whole sub culture is unintentionally hilarious to me. It's so innocent and relatively harmless but they act like they're doing something really dangerous and illegal lmao. I love the fact he went to the effort of getting a bloody high vis and acting like he's inspecting bushes beforehand

  23. Not totally - like you had London on Last Leg this week and she pointed out she was the only non-white not male person there?

  24. Wow Phil Wang singing and playing ukelele....he's brilliant even then. Unlike Joe Lycett he seems very relaxed on stage.

  25. I’ve heard about lots of gay men getting used in prison by straight guys due to no women being around

  26. yeah and then you get HIV cos no condoms or PreP in prison...and then you'll struggle to get treatment.

  27. So...everyone moves to cars and other transport? That's like what's happening in the UK - with the rail strikes which I support btw - and the bus strikes. Hard enough to get drivers to go green on public transport without all this drama.

  28. I always wondered about Mock The Week...I mean I guess Dara's setup jokes might be scripted - some seem like off-the-cuff ones especially with Ed - but I know like some shows (apart from QI unless your name Rory McGrath) they get prepare first or see the questions - I mean the stand-up bits are obviously prepared, as I'm guessing the one-liner reactions. They are too off-pat to be thought of on the spot.

  29. He's as right-wing as one can be before completely completely losing one's sense of humour.

  30. Warning to everyone - this is a sneaky PAID service that asks for money for stems after getting you to sign up and upload a track! Be warned!

  31. As an American, can someone help identify what shows the buzzer sound theme songs are from? (except Teletubbies, they aired that in the states!)

  32. Ski Sunday was Zoe's, Grandstand was Greg's I think. Not sure what Richard's was- Match of the Day? They were all sports themes.

  33. Big fan of library music, and those themes are amazing. Many classic Uk TV themes are actually library pieces., although not all - another sports classic for cricket was Soul Limbo.

  34. As a camp bisexual man I can confirm your comment is EXTREMELY biphobic

  35. You can confirm whatever the fuck you like, doesn't make it true, sunshine.

  36. Oh dear...I'm entering inference/under a bridge, I can't hear you, I get terrible signal at home...byeeeee!!!!

  37. I think she does care about the audience, she did give off that vibe when I was in one, with the games at the start and the warm-up she does.

  38. Oooohhhh I'm not jealous at all. I would sooo love to go to a recording. Unfortunately I live in Germany.

  39. Not really, although it was one of the last live audiences before the pandemic, early March 2020. I'd hurt my back so I arrived with a walking stick! Also the queue was massive so we thought we'd have to miss it again - we had been bumped from a previous recording and gotten guaranteed tickets. We weren't sure if we wanted to go cos of the virus....but did it anyway. Wasn't a live QI for many years after....

  40. Autism is a spectrum, it can range from relatively minor inconveniences through to full inability to self-control. I know several people who are actually or strongly suspect they are on the spectrum somewhere, most of their indicators are relatively mild, ranging from issues with noises (either specific noises, or just loud ones) and lights (too bright, wrong color temperature).

  41. Makes perfect sense as I love her greatly and gravitate to people on the spectrum as 'like-minds' and people I understand. One of the ways I realised I am probably on it as well.

  42. I think the show has the best production assistants among British panel shows - I hardly ever know the guests (I live in Canada, but consume A LOT of British TV), and the mix is always great.

  43. At least in the US, the 15/30/45 second thing (depends on who you ask) isn’t so much legal as it is an often successful defense. There’s not right to use the snippet, but if sued you can win by saying it was within fair use. Most big broadcasters want to avoid litigation all together.

  44. Yes it's not a defence. You will still get sued, even for 1 second. The amount vs the entire program tends to control the damages or whether they win. But it's total aggro.

  45. If you like Jamali Maddix though this season has been a great one for him. On ID parade he is so funny. Him being a co captain while knowing zero popular songs is one of my fave things too

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