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TIFU by wiping my butt with spiders

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  1. Is that earbud just for listening, or could I Tx through a microphone on the earphone?

  2. Thank you both for your quick replies. One last question, are these special earbuds I have to buy from baofeng or can I use any regular earphone/ pair of headphones?

  3. Either or. It dosent really matter. I use mine with a regular pair of earbuds

  4. As someone with a background in saving electronics, the answer is NOT rice if you want guaranteed success, especially if it was exposed to water with a bunch of minerals in it or worse, salt water. First, pull the BATTERY ASAP! Next, go to a drugstore ETC and pick up a bottle of "99%" Isopropyl alcohol and some "distilled" bottled water, at least a couple liters or 1/2 gallon of water to flush the radio body to get most of the minerals from the lake/river/ocean water out. Then forget the "rice"! Stick the main body of the radio in a ziploc bag ETC and soak it in the rubbing alcohol for a few seconds giving it a good swish before pulling it out and letting it air dry. The beauty of cleaning electronics with alcohol is it COMPLETELY absorbs any water inside, then allows it to rapidly evaporate!

  5. I know what I do to bypass the battery is I have 24 feet of usbc cable to keep it constantly plugged in while I use it. It prolongs the usage time. But make shure to un-plug it when your done using it.

  6. No use the stock charger with the usbc extension. It won't charge the battery when you are using it but it will keep it from dying very slowly. Instead of 2hours without it plugged in the extension being plugged in will give you like 7 hrs.

  7. Would the acidity kill them or just make them want to flee? I mean, having spider corpses up there doesn't exactly sound like a much better scenario for OP.

  8. Wish granted. Many people have moved to

  9. "Reimagined ways to piss off customers" its a joke

  10. Are you just going to keep repeating the same thing over and over? This is not real.

  11. I know it's not. But my buddy who is a employee sent me this satire post.

  12. I don't carry one on my plate carrier but I carry a water blatter in my backpack.

  13. It's not for TV cable. Most likely it's for a old uhf/vhf antenna. So adapting it, or attaching a coax end won't get done what you want done

  14. Get a baofeng uv-5r or the like and a mobile base station. Will run you from 150-800+usd

  15. This is the easiest and cheapest way. And will still look clean. And if you mess up clean it up and do it again. You can't do any real damage

  16. We have a rooster one. Been in the family 5 generations.

  17. Thank you for your replies. I looked up rivet pics and compared to the mask. Yes, definitely rivets.

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