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  1. Boy, oh boy, Mom, you sure can hydrate a pizza

  2. The article says GenX ended 1977, and now that's been moved to 1981?

  3. Kevin Smith is so young! Skinny before he got fat before he got skinny again.

  4. I used to revisit my elementary school to say hi to teachers I had. I'd just walk right in to the principal's office, say hi, then go to whichever class I wanted to.

  5. I see them as aspirational. What they do isn't so much unrealistic as it is usually improbable. Aa a dad I'd love to have Bandit's level of patience and work flexibility ALL THE TIME. Right now I can do both in very rare snippets.

  6. Five Lion Voltron, back when they were made of metal. Definitely hurt myself a few times with it.

  7. Nevermind the fact that querying recordsets by varchar is normally MUCH slower than numeric fields.

  8. I love having Taiki Waititi in it. After watching Our Flag Means Death I'm loving his style of humor.

  9. I'd ride my bike to a friend's house late at night. No helmet or pads (1995ish). Flying down a steep hill with a three-way stop. Normally no traffic.

  10. But I thought DS was useless and no one ever runs it now?

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