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  1. This can be a good thing. Im sorry that this has happened to you but sometimes a change of pace and living might help us cope. Take advantage of everything your university has to offer (clubs, events, councils) they really do help you get through the week sometimes

  2. LING 309 is pretty easy it’s mostly based on social theories and concepts like language landscapes (how language changes overtime, why people use certain languages in certain settings, multilingualism, etc). I haven’t taken Psyc 300 but 309 was one of my easiest ling courses personally

  3. We are very active actually we meet every Tuesday in RCB 5120 from 4:30-8:30 we also have monthly events. We have a discord page and IG where we post updates :)) you should stop by and check it out we have lots of players!

  4. To be honest the stress and overwhelmed feeling kinda sticks around, but it gets better because you learn how to overcome that feeling and accomplish your goals. I would say try not to attach your self worth to your grades - you aren’t dumb and your self worth and education are much more than just a number.

  5. Agreed you are more than a number! We all go through rough patches and it’s hard to adjust to a uni lifestyle but if you keep going take it easy you’ll find your own flow, study habits and path eventually it just takes time.

  6. Sabriel by Garth Nix or Assassins Apprentice by Robin Hobb!

  7. A little notebook and to do list separated by category. It just feels so satisfying to cross the tasks out. Little dopamine

  8. I absolutely adored Sabriel!! Definitely my top book of 22! The world building and characters were fantastic

  9. Sending those messages or memes where “this reminded me of you” I think it’s very nice and thoughtful

  10. There’s a wall of microwaves in the SUB for students to use near the cafeteria along with water.

  11. The gym on campus is very convenient and the machines are good but it does get busy sometimes I usually go midday or in the morning to try and avoid it. It’s free and all you need is your student ID to scan at the front desk.

  12. This happens to me a lot but instead I fumble my words and mess up my speech. It’s a little embarrassing when it happens around people but what I’ve learned is that lots of people struggle with this same thing. More than I realized. Sometimes when we’re doing many things at once we become overloaded and over stimulated. Take a few breaths and try to just sit and do nothing for a few seconds to refocus your attention. It’ll be okay and even if we get tripped up on words it just means we need to slow down our brain a bit and take a minute for yourself.

  13. It was actually a bladder infection that was putting pressure on my uterus and causing it to bleed through cramping and stomach pain. It was very sudden and I had no idea that was possible until a doctor examined me

  14. Then it’s probably normal if it’s occurring consistently but I’d still say get your blood checked to look at your hormone levels and speak to a doctor just to be sure.

  15. I went through a pirate phase a few months back. I’d say take a look at

  16. I also second Robin Hobb I really fell in love with her style

  17. I’d definitely say try the new dining hall out! It’s near the residence building but anyone can go in all your have to do is pay the door price and they have a whole bunch of different stations. There’s also the food truck Wednesdays near cornerstone.

  18. We often end up in careers that have nothing to do with our majors but this isn’t a bad thing. Accounting is a good job just like any job but the important thing is that it makes you feel fulfilled and happy. Take it one day at a time. You may end up in a spot after graduation that you didn’t expect but in the end accounting will always be an option for you to pursue if you enjoy that work. If you don’t you will still be able to find many stable careers with your degree. Best of luck

  19. Not having to explain where you're going, what you're doing, with who and when you're back.

  20. Animals. There’s so many amazing creatures that do so many things within various ecosystems. Also bugs. I can appreciate them from the comfort of some book pages instead of seeing them in person.


  22. gummy bears I can eat them all the time

  23. It was one of my favourite reads of the year. I thought it was very well written and the magic and fantastical elements were very unique to the story. I’m glad you enjoyed it!

  24. I absolutely adore these types of sweaters oh my gosh!

  25. Going out more and keeping my schedule full of things to do

  26. This is such a sweet thing to do. It also looks so cute!

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