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my wife doesn't like the way I eat chips

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  1. You understand that slavery has existed literally everywhere and it has happened to literally every type of people, right?

  2. It’s almost like there’s no history other than the US lol mf’s are but a speck in global history

  3. Cistranphopic is when you’re the gender you are born with, but with two extra uterus inside your ballsack

  4. Telling someone that has to live in the same house as you that you don’t like being around them is definitely not the smartest idea lol

  5. Used to have a housemate who would offend any new person we met almost on purpose and then act clueless when confronted about it. Constantly spoke over people and was extremely egotistical.

  6. Ok just set up a link code and I'll be right there

  7. Those elbows man.. I couldn’t even take 1 on the chin never mind 100

  8. Where is thine Hashus brownius thou absolute jester

  9. With this being said… never heard of a female dogman? With 8 boobs flapping about.

  10. People have see female dogmen. They have two breasts supposedly. I don't think they could easily birth multiple pups with such skinny hips...kinda like a bulldog

  11. Hmm interesting! Two breasts huh.. so would we be more likely to assume that werewolves (true to the Hollywood representation) can switch between forms of human and wolf, or that they are permanently shifted after transforming? I’ve heard accounts of three talking Spanish to each other in wolf form.. crazy ikr!

  12. Imagine eating a McRib and some random mf comes and bites the other end of it

  13. Nah it looks like the one dressed in blue was still alive after impact cause his body twitching.

  14. They died at the hospital. It was a slow painful death

  15. Just got to watch out for the underwater cougars and bears that inhabit the underwater forest

  16. The more I learn, the more I'm coming to believe this.

  17. You and me both brother. Blurry creatures podcast is insanely good for tying in theology to all this stuff.

  18. I’ll pm when I get back from work thanks :)

  19. And me! Recently landed myself a copy of the bible. Thus far it’s connecting a lot of dots I didn’t know were there.

  20. That’s absolutely ludicrous. Lock them all up.

  21. The confessionals podcast, Blurry creatures and Sasquatch Chronicles are my top 3 for quality of content

  22. Oh really? That’s horrendous if it’s true. Have you got anything to support that? I honestly thought he’d by the type of person to address it. Such a shame. Yeah there’s deffo a few eccentric liars on there, I think if you listen to enough you can tell a difference between someone genuine and someone making it up. Like you said, usually the ones that say they see them every other week lol.

  23. Ahh yes, this one removes the dead skin from your toes if you let it. Give it a go!

  24. Tipping is up to the individual paying, NOT the waitress. If they get uppity about you not giving a tip, that's a guilt trick and is very rude to the customer. Tips in the UK will be given when we feel like we want to award someone for doing something that heightened our experience. The one thing that bugs me is a mandatory service charge on the bill. Like I paid for the food and the drink, why are you squeezing more money out of me that I can't say no to.

  25. I took my partner to quite a fancy restaurant for her birthday. The waiter was amazing, we only ordered mains but he brought out a sample starter and a small dessert with happy birthday written on it in chocolate sauce. I had £200 to my name at the time and didn’t have the heart to cancel the booking. Upon paying the £140 bill the waiter saw we hadn’t left a tip.. the grimace on his face showed me he was disgusted. I still feel bad to this day, but £140 for two mains and three drinks was enough in my opinion.

  26. I watched this last night and this exact scene had me thinking of this sub straight away! Haha.

  27. I can’t remember if it was Sasquatch Chronicles or The Confessionals podcast.. I’ve just tried looking with no luck (1000+ episodes to sift through) but there was a guest on one of the shows who would read through archived newspaper articles from the late 1800’s/ early 1900’s. Amidst talking about a fair amount of “Wildman” eyewitness accounts, there was one article that claimed a little person was captured in a bird cage… if I remember correctly it was 1910 and in Pennsylvania.

  28. Got these things in Ireland too. They have small rock formations called “fae circles” there which are deemed sacred. Supposedly if anyone messes with the circle the little people will harass you none stop. In and outside your own home.

  29. Interesting. Why not crush it all into a fine powder and suck it up through a straw whilst you’re at it!

  30. I mean they did this for fire fighters and last I heard where up for review again as enough women are still not passing with the new lower standards.

  31. Poly pocket. Thought I was going mad until I scrolled down far enough to see someone comment it.

  32. Forgive my ignorance, but what does the "hidden hand" signify?

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