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  1. How do you know they never get coded? Legitimately asking not snark.

  2. because my manager doesn’t let you get on the floor if you’re out of dresscode, you have to go home and change or cover up what’s wrong

  3. That’s super weird. Maybe they are more on you because they’ve noticed before. But as far as I was told neckline visible with apron on.

  4. Two years ago that’s how it was for me and I got hired. If they’re doing multiple interviews or more than one partner makes the decision collaboratively it’s normal.

  5. Whenever I feel it’s appropriate I do it. If it’s the wrong call the manager can tell me, but it never happened that it caused an issue.

  6. I had some stores do it others no. Legality is a little bit extreme.

  7. Only openings and luckily I was an opener 95% of my time at both places I worked.

  8. It's such a stupid thing and it's hilarious people think this is actually some kind of good deed on par with helping out at a homeless shelter or food bank.

  9. If the person feels pressured because someone wanted to do something nice they need to re-evaluate. I’m typically a non-confrontational people pleaser so I understand the sentiment, but still people should know it’s perfectly fine to say “awesome! Thanks!” And if they don’t pay the next it’s 100000000% ok.

  10. Way more than I’d ever want to do unless you’re at a small cafe.

  11. My niece told me yesterday that Nelly is trendy right now - when hot in hurrr came on and I told her it was popular when I was still cool. So maybe it’s coming back soon.

  12. I used to put dried strawberries and cinnamon in a custom tea latte (peach tq) with soy. It’s really good.

  13. I tried three times - until they finally gave my money back - it took so long that affected my credit score (as I had to buy a second flight ticket before receiving the money back) [I also contact them by Facebook and Whats App and each of these gave me different answers as each has different access and knowledge about their own company... a great nightmare)

  14. I finally got an ARN that supposedly would trace the refund back to my bank. Surprise! My bank says the number they gave shows nothing. Then klm says “send us proof your bank said that” more of the run around game. And my bank has yet to assign someone to my dispute. It’s so frustrating. I’ll start bugging Facebook too I guess.

  15. Send a registered letter to KLM HQ in Amstelveen, they'll have to sign to acknowledge reception. I waited 11 months for compensation, 1 week after the letter was received I got a call asking for my account number and the transfer was initiated immediately.

  16. This sucks so much… I don’t understand why it’s so hard when they’re the ones that cancelled on me.

  17. It depends on how much milk they want they can pay for 6 blonde shots + syrup + add steamed oat milk w/cinnamon and they get up to 2inches of milk (I think that’s the limit; i may have forgotten but ykwim). Or they can have the modified latte. I don’t know what option serves them better price wise but I’m not punching in an iceberg then adding “hot” in the ask me.

  18. Unsweetened extra girlfriend 💁‍♀️

  19. I gave my two weeks at my partner development meeting “where do you see yourself going?” Somewhere else. Lol. But no seriously it just lined up with the meeting and it was my time to move on. I talked to the manager first then followed up in writing.

  20. I just remake it for whatever they’re claiming.

  21. We used to have a lady get so excited when we remembered her name and her and her usual drinks - like she’d get a full on kick out of it and it was so cute. But she ordered the same things 5xs a week so I don’t know why she was so impressed. Lol

  22. No it didn’t bother me. But I also didn’t hear GBs get blamed for things unfairly or anything negative really so I guess I never made an association with it that would be annoying.

  23. First alt milk as the main second as the splash with 50/50 milk in the ask me.

  24. Amazing. Other than missing some of my old partners it was just a relief to exit.

  25. A while back I had a friend visit me at work with her shih tzu puppy so on my break we sat outside and an elderly man came up to ask if the pup was a shih tzu my friend said yes. (And the cafe was nearby a memory care center) the man said “I had one too I love them but my wife had to go in memory care and I couldn’t take care of him now that I’m by myself” and then he showed us a picture of him and his wife holding a little dog in a Christmas sweater… It was very hard not to cry.

  26. I had a woman throw a fit raising her voice and throwing out insults over sprinkles like a toddler. I was so over it I answered her like an annoyed mom - told her I didn’t make your drink but it was made correctly because you didn’t order a drink that comes with sprinkles and if you want them you can ask and I’ll put them on there for you, but next time if you want it to come with sprinkles you need to order sprinkles.

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