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  1. I finished my bio degree and needed a break from learning. Went from academic undergrad research to Biotech company doing plasmid preps maxi/mini. Do 2-3 solid hours of work and chill for the rest until end of day scale up. Position is plasmid lab tech getting 25/h in NJ.

  2. If I finished 4 years of my biology degree, but failed math courses so that I need one extra year to retake them in order to graduate - do you think a place like that would hire me during the time that I study math?

  3. Lab technician is an entry level position that only needs a highschool diploma at most company’s. I can’t say any other job would be like mine. The only way for you to find out would be to apply for the positions and see how the workload is.

  4. Thank you very much! I have worked as a lab technician and research assistant before. It was lots of fun. I guess you're right :)

  5. He is, he started watching it since he was 13 and has been until this day very frequently

  6. So, there you have it. Love should be kind, accommodating. He is neither of those. It is never worth it to carry through with a relationship where one blames you for their own actions. He can only get worse.

  7. sheesh it’s seem like avoidant types are definitely the worse .. and they that they mostly suffer from childhood or past relationship traumas.. which may cause them too not trust others or fear commitment 😮

  8. I too am an avoidant type, but I got over it after 3 years in therapy.

  9. That’s good. and wow just three years. my ex makes it seem like she will never get over it..

  10. I'll tell you a secret, avoidant-anxious couples last the longest but aren't necessarily the healthiest. Whether you're avoidant or anxious, there is always hope to work on it. It's always healing to know yourself and especially to know how to spot others' attachment styles from the beginning - anxious-anxious get too emotional with one another, avoidant-avoidant get too cold with one another, avoidant-anxious last the longest in this 'push-and-pull' dynamic. Securely attached individuals lose interest in the unhealthy cognition of avoidants/anxious. Secure & secure are the best of course. Hope this helps, if you spot anothers' style and you know your own then you can predict how the relationship will play out.

  11. I cant right now for a couple of reasons. 1. I'm still struggling with losing our dog. 2. I travel some for work and do not believe it would be fair to a dog to put it through everything that comes with that.

  12. It sounds weird, but I 'fell in love' with a celebrity (celebrity crush) and I pretend to have conversations with him in my head. It passes my time, I imagine his replies, and makes me go days without feeling unloved or reaching out to the ex. No, I don't have mental health issues. Also talking to mom or dad helps more than I previously imagined.

  13. You kill them through a lot of time and by slowly getting back to just doing your life/having experiences.

  14. Thanks, I guess that is true. What experiences do you recommend? Since the breakup, I just want to stay myself = comfort zone = not try new stuff.

  15. I feel the same thing as you. It's right, he doesn't sound suitable for you at this point. But how do you stop missing him?

  16. Yes that is a brain and there is a pituitary gland in there. Good to see it in the right spot. If you want medical advice about your brain go talk to a neurologist. Don't come to reddit for medical advice.

  17. I didn't. A neurologist referred me to MRI, I did the scan and am still awaiting interpretation and a meeting with another neuro.

  18. Face reality you are just trying to get out of finding a job in the industry. I believe that you don't have to be in a university to continue learning. Go get a masters or PhD and do research in the future or become a professor. The graduate students I know are learning from their projects and doing research with advice from professors. Take this path if you want to continue learning as even in industry you won't know everything. That is the reason why the university teaches the actual lesson of problem solving.

  19. I want to be a professor, but I have seen my graduate degree friends getting knowledge into narrower and narrower niches. I need to do that, but I'm ok with delaying my degree 1-2 years to broaden my knowledge, and during a time without stress of a masters' project, thesis, etc.

  20. Is it perseverance to give up at bash your head against the wall over and over, or to buckle down, work hard for a month and get it done the first time?

  21. It is subjective. I say, both. I have learning disabilities, neurological disorders and probably MS. I refuse to live in fear of what a future employer thinks. I will earn my degree at my pace.

  22. Showing a potential employer that you put in the work to overcome or mitigate known deficits is invaluable. Saying “I could have studied but I’ll just retake it later“ is probably not the work ethic any employer wants to see. But it seems like you’ve already made up your mind and came here for validation. Sorry.

  23. Ah no, I disagree. I have failed it twice means I studied it twice. If I don't pass calc3 I am willing to do it again, as many times as I can until I get the degree. That is perseverence. I didn't make my mind but I am just entertaining it.

  24. It sounds like you are already very happy, perhaps you need to find others with which to share this happiness?

  25. Passed Heat Transfer with an A! Now getting ready to crush my senior year!

  26. Found out I got 96.74% on my linear algebra/differential equations final exam. Feeling pretty great about it

  27. Oh dear god…hoping you’re not right, but thinking you’re probably right. Eww.

  28. Chemistry. So many stupid rules to memorize. No conceptual picture.

  29. S p d orbital filling rules, nitrite vs nitrate, the engine consumes negative heat (without an associated drawn flow diagram) etc.

  30. On the behalf of chemistry, chemistry courses which are forced upon non-chemistry students barely represent the actual depth of the beauty of the science. If your teacher couldn't explain the sense behind those topics, such as - FC calculations, how to infer Lewis structure from bond orders/electronegativity, etc... then the students are left feeling like they need to memorize. I blame your teacher. I assure you that one course in chemistry is an over-simplified and crammed/watered-down insult to the actual slow and profound learning done behind it; chemistry being one of the oldest sciences. There are good youtubers who explain chemistry well, such as - Professor Dave.

  31. So...anhidrosis/hypohidrosis. If you can't sweat, your body cannot regulate it's temperature. You will overheat and get heat stroke if you exercise and cannot regulate your temperature.

  32. We generally get married for life, so most people will encourage you to continue towards that commitment.

  33. that sounds very sad, you deserve more. why are they so bitter? have they always been this way?

  34. Shit, that's hard. My mom has bipolar. She exhibits narcissistic traits I guess to 'self-protect', but inside she's a softy. She has good intentions just her mental illness eats up at her at times. It was hard and my parents were getting a divorce in 2012, but that's been a turning point for them; she started taking better meds for her bipolar and has been mostly stable since. She knows her triggers and my dad works hard to understand her as well. Now they are in their late fifties and romantic, lovey dovey, they have fights but overall treat eachother with great care, respect and friendship. I would have never imagined this as until 2012 they were bitter and filled with rife.

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