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  1. “I can’t believe my mother had me! That whore!”

  2. Major M. warren, John Arnold, Mr. Valentine (he had thwag), Nick fury, frozone…

  3. It’s “LEGO bricks” sips wine

  4. Gamers is not there! Making progress!

  5. Amateurs, you gotta use that external storage. Google.

  6. Lmao this man said "I've always wanted to fuck two bitches in a hurricane, call me."

  7. There is a whole lot of the car I cannot see. Front left corner looks cool though.

  8. Scrolled far enough… anyone going to mention how this lady didn’t even flinch? Lmao.

  9. suspect? Dude the camera CLEARLY shows this guy shot and killed another person? people are called suspects when they're still being investigated. What's to investigate here?

  10. This has been going on for a few weeks now. It's cheaper in store at $38.

  11. With evolving skies etbs as well. Decent deal.

  12. “From the moment she walked into my office I can sense she needed help… probably because I have ‘private investigator’ written on my door.”

  13. It may look slow, but with both of them sporting a mass of that magnitude, each swing has the force of an exploding star behind it. You merely cannot comprehend their power.

  14. I’ve seen this anime I just know it!

  15. Could work on those transitions.

  16. Don’t you hate that they aren’t even called cheez-its but “cheese-it”? Next thing you know the peanut butter isn’t called Jiffy or something.

  17. You seem like a squirtle kind of person

  18. They shouldn’t be known who they were…. Chan and Ruon Jian… YEA!

  19. “Books are amazing when literate”

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