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  1. Sucks to get so unlucky at the most inopportune time. Definitely could have hung with that team I feel.

  2. Do you think Collingsworth jacks off during halftime to drain his blueballs from being so sexually aroused by Patrick Mahomes?

  3. Don’t think they could hose down the booth in time. They must tell him to hold it.

  4. Something tells me you weren’t half man half horse in a past life but what do I know

  5. Adam Peters: Hey you're Jimmy's brother! He's the guy with great pocket presence & ability to throw under pressure. He's the QB I was telling you about. The guy that can play QB.

  6. This Bucs team ain’t got that DAWG in them.

  7. I said we'll cut off your JOHNSON! (ohnson) (ohnson)

  8. What kinda product is McVay using that his hair hasn't moved a mm in the rain lol

  9. That ain't happening. The Giants waved the white flag very early

  10. Do we want old man Patterson to have his finger on the button?

  11. Used to call a round of disc “going dicking” in college… I get it.

  12. Rumor has it the Golden Gate Bridge is the longest bridge in the world!

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