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  1. Aberlour A'bunadh is a cask strength unpeated ex-sherry cask scotch, so anything with similar characteristics.

  2. I'm still somewhat new to whiskey so I'm not well versed at exploring a whiskey. I can pick out 2 or 3 flavors but not much more complex than that. I don't mind high proofs. As far as goals go, I just want to try something I'd enjoy that I probanly won't be able to have again. Normally when I eat at a steakhouse I use it as an opportunity to try whiskeys I might want to buy bottles of but don't wanna make the bottle investment so I could do that here but figured this would be different. Not sure if this helps you're advice or not, but I appreciate the question.

  3. It's close but i think im leaning scotch at the moment (and irish too for that matter). Fwiw I like highland park 12, dalmore 12, and glenfiddich 14 and am not a fan of Lagavulin (sacrilegious, I know).

  4. We'll give you a pass on the Lagavulin (for now anyways) - just joking in case that wasn't obvious.

  5. I was in the same boat as you until I went to the whiskey bar here locally and they had a bottle of the Talisker 8 2020 Caribbean Rum CS. My buddy and I haven't treaded into Talisker territory much but we wanted to try something new and unexpected. From the moment I tried it until the very last sip, I had my jaw wide open in disbelief.

  6. That's quite the testimonial, thanks for that summary. Glad you are enjoying it so much.

  7. Also are you aware of what the cost difference vs buying retail bottles would be for the more premium imports (Macallan etc)

  8. See the SWR-2009 section 7 text I quoted above. You cannot legally export Macallan in a cask, it has to be bottled before it leaves Scotland.

  9. Now I’m curious how many made it into the international market before 2009 and if they’re still in circulation. Apologies if I completely misunderstood the above.

  10. For Irish whiskies, check the Irish Whiskey Technical File. I'm not familiar with the provisions in it regarding bulk transport - but I would not be surprised if they are broadly similar in character, because the basic point of these regs is to force whiskies which are associated with production in a particular country to be bottled there. Doing so has 2 benefits: it guarantees that the maturation conditions which are traditionally associated with that locale are actually applicable, and it generates local employment via the bottling plants.

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  12. This does violate rule 1, as you yourself recognize. Consequently, I've removed this post.

  13. Echoing what another user pointed out, the defining characteristics of an Irish whiskey (which can also be spelled as whisky without the 'e', see for example Waterford) is that it adheres to the legal requirements for such as legislated in Ireland, which you can read about in detail here (see the Irish Whiskey Technical File):

  14. I'm sorry but we do not allow advertising by suppliers selling their products, see sub rule #5:

  15. FIL is definitely a scotch guy. He bought me a bottle of Johnnie Walker black label and walked me through the steps of a tasting and that was fun and delicious. He shared some Glenlivet as well but I don’t recall the specifics.

  16. I'd go with Glen Garioch Founder's Reserve, which should be around $45 - $60 (price varies by location). Unfortunately scotch prices have escalated in the last couple of years and $60 doesn't buy you what it used to.

  17. Probably an unpopular opinion, but I think the bourbon market in general has become very disappointing and lackluster as the market has expanded. Demand has dried up old stock. Prices across the board have pretty much gone up conversely to quality. And I think we're at a point now where distillers just charge premium prices for a bottle because people associate price with quality. And while part of that is just human nature, and to be fair, there's still a few good Bourbons to be had, it seems like a new distiller pops up every week with a $60 bottle of two, three, or four year bourbon and people praise it like mana from heaven.

  18. I know it is right around the cost threshold depending on where you are, but Glen Scotia Victoriana not being anywhere on this list in a criminal offense. That thing is a monster scotch for the price.

  19. Pretty much anything from Glen Scotia is worth taking a good look at IMHO. Their 15 yo does not have the body & punch of Victoriana but is just ridiculously drinkable. Their limited editions released as part of the Campbeltown Malts Festival have been excellent, both in overall quality and in value for the price, and they seem to be widely available and don't attract the attentions of the bottle flippers the way that (unfortunately) Springbank does.

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  23. Glenfarclas 185th Anniversary has a superb nose (IMHO, to my taste), one of the best that I've encountered in the last several years. Including the cost of shipping from the UK to the USA it runs around $200, or less if you purchase multiple different things in a larger order to push the per-bottle shipping cost down.

  24. Wow thankyou for the response! Sounds like you have a pretty large collection!! Im only just starting out with 14 sealed bottles, i am sort of debating whether to open them or not!

  25. In the scotch world that glass on the right is called a Spey Dram Glass. I love them, they are very practical for smaller pours and much easier to wash than a Glencairn.

  26. I want to buy a set for my mom. I just got her into bourbon and she loves the feel of that glass but we only have the couple we got from our tour at Three Boys. Thank you for the info!

  27. Some of the other answers you've been given here look on-point to me too, so I think you've got some very good options.

  28. Ah, good point. I know he likes Jack Daniels, Knob Creek, Crown Royal, Jeffersons Reserve Bourbon, then I did get him some Blantons Bourbon he liked. I know he likes Fireball every once in a while, but I don't think thats quite as helpful for a flavor profile.

  29. From this list I'm thinking that Old Forester 1910 might be a good bourbon for him. Lower proof whiskies are probably a better choice than the barrel proof stuff which deep dive hobbyists love these days, and OF 1910 fits that bill. Being made by Brown Forman it may share some flavors in common with Jack Daniels (for most people bananas, although I personally get more of a grape soda vibe from OF 1910) and is on the sweeter side as bourbons go so it should also work for a Crown Royal drinker.

  30. Awesome response. Have some Dogecoin on me

  31. So glad to be of help! No need for a tip - this is a pay it forward hobby. I greatly benefited from the freely shared experience and knowledge which people more senior in the whisky appreciation hobby gave to me when I was just getting started, so now it is my turn to help out.

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