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  1. The choice of asymmetry is perfect as ISO’s were born out of randomness without any purpose.

  2. So instead of communicating with their son and his curiosity and skepticism, they’re going to make him suffer in the name of Jesus?

  3. The French unions have been threatening to shut off electricity to certain buildings for the past week. Good to see the unions went through with their threats

  4. Words don’t have power without the action to make them reality.

  5. They have a lot of dialogue in their character lines and story screen, but no one seems to care about any of that.

  6. We already know just from the lies in the Congressional Hearings on GME that they will lie as much as they can to get out of what they want.

  7. The same generation that was able to easily get a union job out of high school to pay for a middle-class life and an entire family off their pay check alone…

  8. Macron and his wealthy cronies want to raise the retirement age so that the pensions they used to gamble on risky investments don’t implode; forcing them to be accountable for the lost retirements, their crooked schemes, and a potential recession.

  9. When cost of living keeps rising rapidly while companies are firing their employees first because their executives failed to have a profitable year, Gen Z has every right to have high standards for a job they need to earn their living and could be fired from at any moment for any reason.

  10. 1.) Can you really afford to hire on people with more experience when you don’t pay enough to hire on someone with experience?

  11. I hate how I can be labelled things just because I like something remotely “feminine”, because I’m good with kids, or because I’m not interested in hardcore “masculine” things.

  12. But the only reason that’s the case is because you’re the ones that used that teacher’s pension money to illegally manipulate the stock market in the first place.

  13. How dare they want to know how much the job they’ll be depending on to make a living will pay them?

  14. Shouldn’t it be easy to verify with tax records that he’s the true owner and that there was no legal lease made in his name? Why is this even necessary to bring to court?

  15. The “Daily Lilly” part works so well with the melody of the song!

  16. Joseph Kosinski is the man that made the best movie of 2022, and the creator of the last TRON movie, and Disney hired on the guy that made the worst PoTC to date…?

  17. I think they’re doing an excellent job at staying true to the game while adding new plot developments and details that make the story more tense and immersive.

  18. Seems like you haven’t found a guy that’s an 8 both ways on the Hot/Chad axis.

  19. Feel free to disprove me by proving that women in general desire unattractive men without any money, selflessness, or sense of responsibility. I’m all ears.

  20. This is the DOT COM bubble, and he’s comparing the movement circled here to the current DOW JONES movement since October 2022;

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