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  1. I wonder what happened to where she doesnt want show nipples anymore

  2. So the terror of living in a war time and the effect it as on sociaty aint real? And the fact the russia still a super power wich de eu depends upon aswell is also not real. Wat dimension do you live in

  3. And there it is. Can't form a rational fucking argument so now I'm simply "rich boy living in a safe country".

  4. There was a hole argument after that , maybe you just cant Read

  5. Your employess shouldnt live off tips but off a salary instead

  6. Deve ser mais um brasileiro aqui a roubar trabalho aos portugueses de bem

  7. Lol, the Tau guys with the visors look like they're about to go snorkling

  8. Shit would a mission with underwater objectives and stuff be cool, imagine the tau just draging one of the sister to the bottom of a lake

  9. Literally no good reason as far as I'm concerned, other than just that they're Heavy Support instead of Elites

  10. I didn't choose the xenos life, the xenos life chose me. How can anyone resist the call of the WAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH?

  11. Se o alfa entre Porto e Lisboa não chocalhasse quem la está até usava mais, mas pagar para se 🤢🤮 não obrigado.

  12. So não te mando pro caralho porque estamos no sub certo para isto

  13. Se eu fosse um conas provalmente também ia ter vontade de mandar os outros para o caralho , não te julgo

  14. Everybody does it nobody is gonna get mad at you maybe some imature kids gonna make fun of you but nothing is gonna happen dont stress it

  15. How much have the quality of your tools have improved to brother?

  16. I intrudeced 40k to my gf by dnd campaings she doesnt like the tabletop game e honestsly i prefer dnd aswell so it worked prety well and i have someone to talk about lore

  17. I wish... GW cut out that particular loophole a few years ago when they redesigned their websites. They noticed a surge in people ordering when the markets would shift making the exchange rate between the dollar and the pound closer to each other.

  18. 40k is so expensive you got brokers making money moves when the market shifts

  19. Segue um comentário de um gajo de 27 anos que ainda vive com os pais e não trabalha?

  20. I do not believe they are using fully sharped edges , if with someone with a metal ruler using the same force those swords produce the wound will be similar

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