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  1. Would you be comfortable opening this image in front of your parents or in a crouded bus full of stranger girls? Or even in front of your hypotetical girlfriend or (to be on exact theme of NSFW) in front of your coworkers and your employers?

  2. You do you, I wouldn't want this image pop up on my phone in front of my employer

  3. I wouldn't buy Fortnite, never played it, but that's beside the point. If you put out a game that's worthy of updates and DLCs, then that's a game that's worth working on, and releasing said DLCs. As a company, I feel you should never rely on micro transactions to have your game flourish. Bug fixes come with the game release? That's not DLC. Neither is then fine tuning their servers if they have a decent game out. I never cared about micro transactions because you could either buy it or earn it, but they removed the ability to earn it in a lot of games and you can only purchase it or purchase the battlepass. And I'm not saying literally every game, but it's starting to pop up where it makes no sense in having a game pass.

  4. I'm sure you are young, or at least you only started playing recently, because otherwise you would have experienced the old games that never got updated after launch, and while obviously the games were finished, they were usually full of bugs. And if a bug is there after launch, the game needs to stay with that bug.

  5. I'm 28, been playing video games since I was two. Never had an Xbox original but I played 360 and one originally and you cannot tell me the state of games is the same as it was back then. I don't care how old you are. And maybe it's deeper than the game, maybe companies are selfish and don't pay their employees properly to work on a games bugs when it was released. If you play games you know for a fact there are constant but fixes and game updates released for free, games without said battle passes, so idk wtf youre going on about.

  6. Just take the current weapons, delete the overlaps, remove the individual names and damage type, and let those be the stats of weapons. Then the player/DM decides the name, aspect and damage type of the weapon. For example, the simple melee weapon types would be:

  7. The comparison does make it pretty stark. I think Lee would need 40 pounds of straight muscle added on to his frame to be close to Law. Law doesn't need 24 inch arms to look strong, as shown by how Lee looks plenty buff in his picture. Law would be better served with a humanly achievable physique

  8. As probably 80% of the Tekken 7's roster.

  9. I'm not quite sure your meaning, 80% should have a smaller physique or 80% currently look like this?

  10. 80% would need a different physique. Males are too big, and females don't have enough muscles.

  11. Just one good use of Hypnotic Pattern can change the flow of an entire encounter. The bard player needs to understand that the bard is strong when playing tactically, not when playing aggressive or when trying to do the most damage.

  12. Don't forget Dodge as a bonus action. That makes the Monk extremely tanky.

  13. Sounds like they would prefer playing a caster instead of a martial.

  14. Its funny. Me and some others mentioned that SF/MK Vibe too. If that happen, iam done. Always loved Tekken for no "Hadoukens" or "Weapon's" etc.

  15. For one thing, you're a Werewolf from Level 1. You don't hit level three and suddenly *become* a werecreature, you just are.

  16. Man, imagine not starting at level 3 and complaining about not having a subclass.

  17. It's blood magic. All of your rites are dealing elemental damage. Maybe it works for you, but it doesn't work for everyone.

  18. It's all subjective. And I don't really find anything wrong with your last example, happens all the time, and it's not wrong doing that, and nobody is going to get offended. People want the best options, and people want to share what they find best.

  19. To be fair, they don't like me using speed-eunning strats on a normal playthrough. I like to create a new character, and speedrun to OP 10. Different playstyles as they are new to the franchise and I'm an old veteran.

  20. I mean, I would kill to have someone do coop with me, so I would just adapt to their playstyle

  21. I've tried to adapt, but some Vault Hunters struggle. I also won't ruin their experience finding Easter eggs. Can't wait till they find the Minecraft one! Happy Vault Hunting!

  22. Yeah I'm looking at the math and I'm just not seeing it. Lvl 20 bards only get 1 BI back at the beginning of battle. They won't reliably have 2. Either way, getting 1 or 2 BI, 2 reactions, and 2 third lvl spells is a fantastic return on your investment when you factor in the predominant likelihood you obliterate them with your big spell anyway. An 8th lvl slot is cheap considering your big bad doesn't have to conserve resources for later, not like he's got other battles scheduled later that day. A reaction is pretty low opportunity cost for a spellcasting npc if the alternatives are shield and absorb elements.

  23. Bardic Inspiration only 1 use? Do you even know the rules?

  24. Blaziken looks a lot more humanoid than Empoleon

  25. You will probably weird drawings of any pokemon if you look hard enough. This is not a Pokemon only problem since even stuff like My Little Pony or Hello Kitty fell victim to this. Pokemon like Lopunny, Guardevoir and recently Meowscarada are just drawn in such a way thats its easy to lewd them which I think Game Freak is well aware of.

  26. You need to swap the phase if you want to use the free casting of that phase. It's very simple. There are a lot of features in the subclass that encourages the swapping mechanic.

  27. That's a considerable buff to the Fighter, and a nerf to the Wizard. I'm not saying it's a bad thing, but just consider this when making this change. If you are ok with those buff and nerf, then the change should be fine

  28. I wasn’t necessarily suggesting Bladesinger gets War Magic. I don’t think that it would necessarily hurt the fun of Bladesinger to do that though. I mean I imagine Bladesingers aren’t typically super bonus action hungry right?

  29. Yeah, I never said it was a big nerf. But it's still a nerf, even if small. Consider that starting the bladesing requires a bonus action, so that means no additional attack in that turn.

  30. Lmao, you must absolutely use that dialogue in your next session. It's hilarious

  31. You are the DM, you are in power. So you can do whatever it takes if you really want them to fight the boss with more power. Make them find some items that restors their capabilities, or postpone the boss fight for after the party will do a long rest, or just make the fight easier.

  32. I'm not sure I agree but isn't that kinda the point of the mechanic?

  33. A warhorse costs 400 GP, that is 200 days worth of wage for a skilled worker, 2000 days for a regular worker.

  34. By following your logic Suggestion wouldn't be usable at all. My thought is that if the suggestion is reasonable on surface level then it works. It obviously will never be truly reasonable, since that's kinda the purpose of the spell.

  35. I'm not brazilian but I respect this, good job! Also, do you happen to have a link to the original version?

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