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  1. Thank you everyone for the advice. I feel better knowing I am not alone. I will give some of these ideas a try.

  2. We used head bands in our house. Soft fabric ones which kept the hair off his face. Once it was long enough t we would tie it back.

  3. I like this idea. We have tried solo shops but even there he was annoyed mostly about the cut. He just has a hard time explaining what he wants. So far no complaints about yesterday but he is gonna be shaggy soon. Thanks for this suggestion.

  4. Both are pretty rough but I lean towards UTI due to all the other stuff that comes with it.

  5. Not a doctor but that drug can help you even if the aniexty is not 24/7. Its takes a few weeks to build up in your system before you see considerable changes. However you should talk to your doctor if you are having side effects.

  6. Yes but you'd want to be active in your parish and generous with your time and talent. My dear friend worked her whole life for the church as a religious educator and never married. But she has had a full, holy life.

  7. Besides money, one of my favorite wedding gifts was a giftcard to a meat shop/butcher. Got some great steaks to enjoy as broke newlyweds.

  8. Highly stressed, spent all day being a short order cook and maid to my kids. Get to get up super early to go to work just to come home and do it again.

  9. Don't spend money on things, spend it on experiences. And don't get a bigger apartment to just fill with more stuff...

  10. More than likely. Talk to the organizer and they can help you get the right type.

  11. My mom put me in girdles. At a young age and even when I was my thinest. I was never super thin but she was always trying to make me look "better."

  12. Very happy we got one. Need to get them for the other toliets.

  13. Thinking more of once you are in a relationship, know how periods work, please. Its not rocket science but it matters.

  14. Pay off the majority of our credit card debt which would be amazing!

  15. I nap, get personal errands done, cook, and if I have the energy do something I take a walk or connect with friends.

  16. I heard they had a massive computer problem last weekend, I don't know if it was everywhere. I would keep an eye on your account. It might come back.

  17. Dating the asshole I briefly (4.5 months) dated in college. He was trouble from the start but for some reason I didn't see it.

  18. Power nap when possible, when not caffine and sugary snack, yes not healthy...

  19. It sounds like you will both get extra spending money since there will be more money inthe "pot"?

  20. We have a feeder that reads the cats microchips and is programed to only open for one. (We have a SureFeed but I think there are multiple other options now). That would be an option for your female.

  21. So our siamese mix got darker with time. I read somewhere that they are darker when it is cold and lighter in warm times. I have no clue how true this really is. Interested to hear others experiences.

  22. Once a week via text / once a quarter via phone / once a year by letter

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