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  1. i’ve been admitted to a psych ward 8 times. idk if that’s really unsettling but it’s the best i got lol

  2. It depends more on the shape of them i feel. i have thicker browns, and i realized my dark browns stood out more before i started waxing them

  3. I don’t THINK so. You could try maybe just washing with clarifying shampoo a couple times to get some of the color out

  4. Autism can play a role in it, but i think most of it is just any same old addiction a nurotypical person would have

  5. I use attic fox but it’s a bit too blue as well. I’m trying to find a new one as well. It takes like 4 washes to get the blue to wash out.

  6. I'm as straight as it gets, but fucking hell Henry Cavill is something.

  7. I want them as decorations on my wall so bad. but using them to actually eat is a huge no.

  8. having a strict heavy preference for the combination of super big breasts, Tiny waist, Huge butt, slim legs. (Like to the point where the body isn’t natural)

  9. In this situation, nobody needs to lose weight, but someone should lose some friends.

  10. This sounds like it was written by a fat girl trying to give voice to her insecurities from the other side of the fence in order to avoid fat shaming. Your insecurities are well founded. If a girl was just skinny dating a fat girl, that would be one thing. You said “fit”. As in she has the determination and willpower to eat healthy and exercise.

  11. Idk what you’re talking about. I literally have pictures posted. takes 4 seconds to get off ur ass and look at them

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