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  1. Y'all calling him a active shooter, but he's really just a gunman. He didn't fire any shots. He just held a gun.

  2. Can someone explain what happened? The police shot the guy in blue (perp)? Who was the guy in black coming up behind him and the hostage? I'm lost bro.

  3. Blue shirt = hostage taker & also the guy that was shot

  4. any news on this? was the suspect a vet? mental issues or suicide by cop?


  6. FIFTEEN YEAR OLD SMUGGLER and 12 year old accomplice.

  7. and his "buddy" in the truck with him was 12 :|

  8. OP just spams copaganda in this subreddit. Be sure to downvote and report all his copaganda spam submissions when you see them as it's against Reddit TOS and this subreddit's rules.

  9. oh man, I wasn't going to respond to this at first but against my better judgment I will.

  10. Personal insults are a great indicator of intelligence level. Have a great day!

  11. You don't happen to post that video of the interrogation of 3 young people after the murder of one of their fathers did you? I feel like I watched that thing for hours

  12. You're talking about the Nicholas Browning case? No that wasn't me

  13. I'll have to check that one out. If you haven't check out

  14. Well he obviously was in pain and unable to keep his hands up, but he did a good effort trying to comply.

  15. Suspect died in hospital, no officers hit, just a few rounds hit their squad cars.

  16. Sarasota Police officers responded to the address on Saturday, January 21, 2023, at about 5:20 pm, for a domestic battery. The victim, who was five weeks pregnant at the time, identified the suspect as Darryl Williams, 36, of Sarasota. The victim told officers that Williams grabbed, pulled, and tossed her around at her home. Williams was gone when officers arrived, and a warrant for aggravated battery of a pregnant woman was issued. Sarasota Police officers observed Williams entering the Express Grocery on Sunday, January 22, 2023, just before 2:30 pm in the address, Jr. Way, Sarasota. When officers tried to arrest Williams inside the store, he tried to run, and the struggle led into the parking lot. Williams bit one of the Sarasota Police officer’s hands and would not let go. The officer, an adult woman, whose name is being withheld under Marsy’s Law, tried to pull her hand away but was unable to due to the depth of the bite. Officers struck Williams several times to get him to release the officer’s hand from his mouth. Eventually, Williams let go. Officers were able to handcuff Williams, but he resisted being helped to his feet. Williams grabbed onto the frame of the patrol car while officers tried to put him into the back of a patrol car. Officers gave him repeated commands to let go. Williams spit on another officer who had responded to the call. The officer's name, an adult man, is being withheld under Marsy’s Law.

  17. Where did you find this? Can you link a source?


  19. This was the most normal police stop iv seen to date...until the guy completely lost his shit. This was wild.

  20. If you want to see another wild video, check my post history for "Man with hidden body in apartment". That one to me is the most fucked up one I've seen to date.

  21. I dont see any proof of her not being able to swim? She has all the equipment on that would make it harder for most people to swim with..


  23. I was waiting for someone else to notice it, guy in the back is lucky he didn't take a bullet.

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