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  1. nahh the products in the picture are fake

  2. there this nice cream flavor as well that makes more tasty

  3. flareon being the best in terms of cuddling: 😔

  4. 是的uwu (only know few chinese words)

  5. Will church was also on the Seconds place in Germany, ikke and him both Had 111 Points.

  6. the tie is broken by who was more points in tele, unfortunately ikke had more public votes 😔

  7. I think you all look for occasion to put Jann

  8. tho i like his song, it isn't the reason why i made this graphic. in fact this is actually my 2nd time creating this "2nd placers participant page design thing"

  9. andrew lambrou is the one from sydney

  10. Narva, Estonia? Wow. Is the singer of Russian descent? TBH I haven’t heard who’s the Estonian representative this year.

  11. yes, she is born to a russian-speaking family in narva

  12. we're all secretly lizard people??? 🧐

  13. they love feet so much they named an measurement from it

  14. this gives me inspiration to make quote pics of it.

  15. and the land even looks like that 💀

  16. Can all furries just exploit this loophole to get cheaper flights?

  17. if they say "furries think they're animals" then it can work

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