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  1. You clearly don't listen to Kendrick. TPAB essentially argues for community organisation and (possibly) revolutionary violence, while positioning Kendrick as a figurehead within this proto-revolutionary movement.

  2. Also please suggest any other cool album documentaries. I’ve seen the one about Illmatic which was awesome. Would love any about Wu Tang, Tyler the Creator, early Kanye etc

  3. There’s a podcast that does a deep dive into the musicality of albums the mbdtf and yeezus ones are great

  4. Do you know the name? That sounds awesome. I hope they have some samples of the songs in the podcast too

  5. I’m talking about your tits your big new giant titties Legolas!

  6. Not killing someone off when all signs point to that person dying in that specific situation.

  7. I guess you pronounce it “rooter” and not “rowter”

  8. Cole the GOAT of fart and shit bars

  9. Gotta hit her with that unagi before you hit her with that Osoto Gari.

  10. Gotta have a Dark Soul for this job lmao. Right now I’m a glass cannon build though

  11. Have you ever heard the song Keanu Reeves by Shortstraw? Cool indie South African band that you might get a kick out of

  12. When will you do a hot ones interview?

  13. Not voting for ANC != not voting. Vote for someone other than ANC. There are options other than the DA, some better than others.

  14. At the end of the day what’s needed is for people to vote for a common party other than ANC. If everyone votes for their favourite party (which they are currently), votes will always be scattered and not enough to overthrow. Everyone voting DA, or everyone voting one party other than ANC really is the only realistic option

  15. ANC have a grip on education which they limit for their demographic. It’s really simple. Keep your voters uneducated enough to not see how corrupt you are. Stay in power. Rinse and repeat

  16. Staff is singular. If there were multiple staffs it would be the staffs are armed. But this is one group of staff which is armed

  17. Great poem, very image intense, evocative. There are some clichés, like: red-hot, came like a storm, malicious intent.

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