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  1. Setting money on fire is perfect 🔥

  2. Crazy part of burning fuel is 70-80% of it is just wasted. Only a small fraction goes towards actually moving the vehicle. With EVs, ~80% is used even after accounting for various losses.

  3. He won’t have the wrenches needed to remove the rotor, but surely he has a hacksaw in his coat pocket.

  4. Hacksaw should be readily available from any local hardware store though right? Maybe a friend can bring it to him?

  5. Wow, what an absolute fuck tard. So many questions too

  6. I’m guessing this happens to a lot of cars. Even more so to those perceived to be expensive. Teslas just happen to have cameras all over the show and the owners are typically very tech savvy. Add those things up and you get a ton of vandalism caught on camera.

  7. TBF the seatbelt mechanism basically never works anyway

  8. Seatbelt mechanism is the least of your worries on any >5 year old BMW vehicle.

  9. No no no. This is NOT a dig on you. This is what Elon tweeted to someone a week or two ago when they voiced concern with disengagements.

  10. I love how your post is controversial. Fanboys must be out in full swing on this thread.

  11. I've said it time and time again. People are NOT safe drivers. The things they think are safe are NOT safe. Other people get mad when your a safe driver, as well as people take advantage of safe drivers.

  12. You’re right, but the reason people can get away with being so “unsafe” is intuition, and risk appetite.

  13. Right just like not including earphones and chargers and selling them separate so you have 3 times the packaging was "for the environment", the fact that they make extra money is just a very VERY convenient bonus, don't delude yourself into thinking they don't choose the deliberately shitty to the end users option if it means more money. Right to repair had to be hard fought for too, but I'm sure that's got nothing to do with maximizing profits.

  14. Many people never open those shitty headphones they give you in the box - they’ve got quality Bluetooth headphones. Nor do they use the charger or charging cables included in the box - they’ve got about a thousand of them lying around everywhere, because every iPhone since 2012 uses the same cable. Hell do people even have cables these days? I’ve got a wireless charging stand on my nightstand and that’s it. I don’t think I’ve ever plugged anything in.

  15. Time to mandate brake lights on deceleration instead of brake pedal.

  16. This is already the case. Honestly the amount of misinformation in this thread is quite stunning, especially considering this is the "electric vehicle" sub!

  17. Because of some dumb sysadmins and developers sitting on their lazy ass thinking windows is the only operating system out there just because they never tried anything else

  18. Don't worry my friend. 2023 is going to be the year of the Linux desktop. Mark my words.

  19. But they were allowed to use them in the Prius?

  20. This is all totally wrong - you've been lied to my friend. What killed the electric car was profit seeking industries holding patents hostage, and deliberately building crippeled electric cars. YOu've been lied to.

  21. Ya, I feel like an official letter would never use “kick you out”

  22. God, imagine what Tesla would be if Musk took the cocaine island route and John McAfee took the Tesla route. The cocaine probably didn't help, but it's hard to imagine McAfee not being a high level of eccentric. They would be sold in two colors: red and glitter. I'm sure i'd be driving a glitter Tesla Model Hair.

  23. Even with the shenanigans he’s an impressive character nonetheless - after PayPal he could’ve called it quits but instead he got to work growing a business in an industry with extremely high barriers to entry. He then went on to start a business to send humans into space.

  24. My Tesla is American Made and runs on Electricity generated from good old American COAL and Nuclear Power!!

  25. This is one of my biggest issues with FSD right now. Red light coming up with cars stopped? Lets make the meatbag wonder if I see it or I'm going to plow into the vehicle.

  26. I’m a lowly AP-only (no FSD) owning peasant, I thought this was a Non-FSD only feature!

  27. Or just stop with the stupid games and focus on making the best car (Waze, Apple Music, fix Sentry Mode USB issues, etc).

  28. Because one improves UX for existing owners. The other generates free publicity from sites like electrek.

  29. You get the shits with Indian food because it is all veggies. Eat more fruits and veg and you won't have that issue.

  30. I thought it's because most western food is bland shite, the spiciest thing in there is pepper. So the first time you eat real spices it ruins your day.

  31. I find it hilarious that no one has asked if you’re running all flash/SSD? (proper enterprise grade stuff too, not just slamming a few Samsung Evos in RAID5 in there and calling it a day).

  32. Lol Fannie mae predicts rates in the 4s next year… I just don’t buy it and I’m in the industry

  33. It’s very difficult to get someone to understand something when their job depends on not understanding it.

  34. Is it possible to try these drives/HBA on another system and see if it works?

  35. Really? I should get rid of premium connectivity then now that I can hotspot my phone to my car. No reason for it.

  36. Spotify? I suppose you could stream bluetooth, their interface sucks. I find that if you browse a playlist with more than a few songs in it, it seems to wrap around after a few tens of songs. Can't get to the bottom.

  37. I would say plan on having some sort of shoulder injury. Not sure I know anyone that has mountain biked for any period of time that hasn’t either dislocated/separated a shoulder or broken a collarbone, and most of the time it was tame little stuff they’ve ridden 1000x that got them.

  38. Not sure why you're being downvoted. Going OTB or just falling over and landing wrong is enough to cause a shoulder injury. Naysayers should look it up if you don't believe me.

  39. Jesus Christ, it's been posted, downloaded, uploaded, posted, re-encoded using lossy algorithms so many times it looks like an upload from 2006.

  40. Having been in tech school, some instructors don't update their material regularly. My Linux instructor in 2012 taught us using already EOL distributions.

  41. Jeez what the hell. I mean it's not like its THAT much work to update it to whatever the latest LTS is, and they're LARGELY the same for all intents and purposes. 12.04 for example works very much the same as 22.04 LTS does. He's doing his students a massive disservice.

  42. First of all, do an iperf over the internet (not via VPN) and confirm true available bandwidth.

  43. I'm testing this to ultimately deploy to 50+ WFH machines. WireGuard may become an option but site-to-site isn't. :(

  44. Then you definitely want wireguard. It automagically connects/reconnects etc. OpenVPN can’t hold a candle to it in my opinion.

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