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  1. Type 1&2 are covered, but shouldn't eating disorders be covered too?

  2. Accommodation letters generally don't disclose the nature of the disability. Only that it exists, and that it requires a specific accommodation. IANAL but I have submitted two accommodation letters in the past.

  3. Replying to put your recommendation at top of comment replies. Cheers, i will indeed.

  4. A lot of Badiou's work is long and dense, but Ethics: An Essay on the Understanding of Evil is manageable.

  5. At the opening of Iraq War in March of 2003, I was working on a U.N./World Bank water crisis conference meeting for thee weeks in Kyodo, Japan, These were mostly leftists from all over the world who hated the U.S. anyway, but the entire conference, maybe 3,000 people, exploded i hate.

  6. Don't throw them out! There may be someone who was in those/ some of those classes that would want them.... or your local library might want them for resources for genealogy and local history. A friend of mine moved overseas and donated all of his to the local library. They have about 50 yearbooks from various years and schools in this area. These can be a valuable resource for research.

  7. I would love the whole town to read how the CEO of a major music streaming service wrote that I had a "rod up my butt" and how other kids were freaked out by my death metal t-shirts. Maybe I will donate.

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